gaming crypto coins for 2018
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Gaming crypto coins for 2018 crypto cycles chart

Gaming crypto coins for 2018

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VirtuaCoin is an unconventional play2earn concept crypto project, considered to be today as the Best Gaming Crypto Coins, where people can play the best play to earn crypto games Rushraids and Tutigames and earn VirtuaCoin. Speaking about the same, the founder points out how in , they developed the idea of a cryptocurrency, which can be used in games, and in-store rewards.

This captured the attention of all and the curiosity of the team. Raghulan and his team have had quite a journey building this much-talked-about crypto project and worked on varied ideas, from selecting technology and architecture design to developing a safe product.

That is how VirtuaCoin came into being,seen as the Best Gaming Crypto Coins, designed to be secure and safe for everyday users while also acting as a steady currency format, where users can trust its value and use it for a long time. The founder noticed how the gaming industry only saw an upward trend of growth and hence also came up with Rushraids, a 3D action game quite similar to the famous game PUBG, where users compete in battle royales and tournaments and earn cryptocurrency.

In this game, users can purchase lands as an NFT, where they can gain regular income as more and more players play the game. There is another game called Tutigames that the team is developing to offer similar or greater experiences to players. Rushraids and Tutigames have become the best games to earn crypto, and the best crypto games play to earn, where players can make the most of the opportunity playing these games and earning VirtuaCoin as their cryptocurrency.

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Today's E-paper. And all these, plus its solid fundamentals - starting with a well-laid-out roadmap make Enjin Coin one of the most promising gaming cryptos to buy today.

We also liked that the Enjin network and ENJ coin have attracted a lot of investor interest. We appreciate that Enjin seeks to be more than a blockchain-based gaming platform by integrating emerging crypto technologies such as NFTs, Web3, DeFi, and dApps.

These are all bound to draw in users whose interactions with the platform increase the demand and price of ENJ tokens. Most analysts and investors are, therefore, confident that ENJ token prices will continue rising over the long term. And this makes it one of the best gaming crypto coins to buy today. STEPN seeks to revolutionize the play-to-earn sphere with its lifestyle and wellness dedicated move-to-earn crypto technology.

First, it is hosted on the fast-growing Solana blockchain. Secondly, it appeals to a high-demand niche - health and fitness. Not forgetting that it has oversimplified the process of tracking your wellness and claiming the free rewards. The fact that it also has the backing of some of the biggest crypto venture capitalists further explains why you should add it to your list of top gaming crypto coins to invest in today.

Yield Guild Games makes the cut for the best gaming crypto coins to buy today because, unlike the competition, they are administered by a DAO. It also makes it here because it has integrated merging crypto technologies like NFTs into its platform. A few factors convince our analysts that YGG has a promising future and that it is worth buying at the current dip.

First, it has a solid roadmap. Secondly, YGG has performed exemplarily well in the past and maintained an overall positive uptrend. Further, Yield Guild Games has collaborated with the likes of a16z to help it scale and create the largest virtual economy. MyNeighborAlice is a farmland-themed multiplayer online game.

Here, you can buy plots of virtual land and develop them into homes that you can flip as an NFT. It stands out because it is one of the few play-to-earn games with an in-game friend and assistant - ALICE - that makes the games more personable and relatable. Since its launch, its popularity has shot to the roof, as evidenced by the number of registered profiles on the network, the number of wallets holding ALICE tokens, and its uptrending trading volumes.

It has also become a key topic of discussion on different social forums, with a majority in the crypto community expressing optimism about its future price action. And this is the primary reason we consider it the gaming crypto coin to buy in It has also received the backing of multiple big-name venture capitalists, including Coin 98 and Kyros.

But even more importantly, MyNeighborAlice developers have embarked on a mission of expanding this ecosystem. All these, plus the fact that ALICE is still new and with a relatively small market cap indicates that it still has enough room for tremendous growth. The fact that ALICE is selling for pennies now makes it a top gaming crypto coin to buy at the current dip as it preps you for massive gains when it eventually explodes.

Finding the best gaming crypto coin to invest in today does not have to be complicated. Even though the number of seemingly promising gaming cryptocurrencies continues rising with each passing day, there are different mediums you can consult when searching for the most sustainable tokens that are worth buying.

The majority of the top gaming crypto coins to invest in that we have discussed hereinabove are massively popular.

They have thus been listed with virtually all the top crypto exchanges and trading platforms. But if you looking for the best place to buy gaming crypto coins, we recommend buying your gaming crypto on the following exchanges:. Looking to jump straight to buying gaming crypto coins on the most user-friendly exchange, we recommend registering with the all-popular eToro.

Here is the step-by-step guide to buying gaming crypto coins on the eToro crypto exchange:. Complete the user registration form that pops up. It will seek to capture your basic personal details, trading experience, and source of income.

You will therefore have to prove your identity by uploading a government-issued identification document I. A funding tab that pops up will present you with a wide range of deposit methods based on country of residence. Choose one and follow the prompts to deposit funds. Customize the purchase on the trading tab that pops up, setting the number of coins you wish to buy or the amount of cash you wish to spend on the coins.

Note: The private keys for the just purchased gaming crypto coins will be deposited in your eToro-provided custodial wallet. You, however, can freely move them to the non-custodial eToro mobile wallet app or third-party wallets and exchanges. That is it. There goes what we consider the best gaming crypto coins to buy in They all have posted stellar performance in the past, but even more importantly, they are expected to post phenomenal gains in the foreseeable future.

We consider them the top gaming crypto coins to invest in today and HODL because we expect them to help grow investor profiles exponentially. Looking to buy a gaming crypto coin today? We recommend using the eToro crypto trading platform. Hereinabove, we have provided a guide that teaches you how to buy gaming crypto coins on eToro in less than 10 minutes.

Yes, gaming cryptocurrencies are worth buying today because the play-to-earn niche is only gathering pace. When it eventually explodes, we expect it to carry. We consider Axie Infinity the best gaming crypto coin to buy in because of its solid fundamentals and massively promising future.

Nevertheless, we discuss 9 other equally promising gaming coins in the above crypto investing guide. The crypto market is currently contracting. When it starts recovering, we expect most of the gaming crypto coins we have listed above to explode as they chase their peaks and race to newer price records. Best Altcoins To Buy. What Is The Next Web 3. Next Cryptocurrency To Explode.

By Trading Education Team. Last Updated December 13th Read on.

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This is the cryptocurrency used for the Ionomy platform games. The game available at the moment is called Offroad heat. It is a truck racing game. There was also a game CryptoGravity, an action shooting game, that is being redesigned at the moment. The ION can be won in the weekly tournaments that Ionomyo organizes for its players.

With numerous players around the world, this game is growing in popularity by the minute, increasing the value of ION as well. This is the currency used in Decentraland which is a virtual world that uses Ethereum blockchain for running.

There are certain similarities to a virtual world called the Second Life, with the only difference that the users create assets that become their own, so there is no option to delete them. The content creators that participate in the exchange use it to trade 3d objects. However, it is important to mention that Decentraland is not yet functioning fully and it will be available to the public in the near future.

This is the cryptocurrency that is used in more than games that are browser-based and are free for users who wish to play it. In some games, players can get a GShare Gold, which is a centralized token. The token can be used to pay for entering the tournaments which give rewards in the form of MGO. Premium version of the game, as well as the items necessary for playing games, can be purchased with this cryptocurrency. With the great potential it has, we can definitely expect that its popularity will rise in the future.

You can find more useful information on Bitsgap. Nakamoto Run is a game that uses the cryptocurrency RUN. This is the game where 8 guinea pigs participate in the virtual race. Once you join the game you can bet on the guinea pig you believe will be the winner and get EOS if you make the right choice.

Also, you can earn RUN tokens simply by playing this game. It is a fun game that will take your mind off anything else. It is pretty exciting considering the prizes. This is a platform that is holding a significant place in games nowadays. According to the blockchain app rankings, the game EOS Knights holds the 3rd place.

EOS Knights is a game optimized for mobile phones and players can battle enemies, craft items and collect materials while playing the game. It can be played on any tablet or smartphone. It is available on the mobile web-browser, but also on Google Play Store. However, by the start of July it had raced ahead to , users, and a week later it reached half a million.

Just another normal week in Lunacia? At this rate, Axie will pass one million users at some point in August. If it does, the price of AXS will likely have reached new record highs by then.

The governance token of the open-world Splinterlands game, it was launched on Monday. The tokens sold have to be held for at least 10 months before they can be sold. As for Splinterlands, it has existed as a decentralised trading-card game for around three years.

In that time it has amassed over , users, while it also recently witnessed one million transactions on its platform for seven consecutive days. The daily average number of transactions is now over 1 million for the last 7 days. However, it continues to be the second-most popular decentralised video game behind Axie Infinity , with some , followers on Twitter.

Samsung also added it to its Blockchain Keystore in July. Enjin Coin ENJ has had a strong week. As a platform for building digital assets e. NFTs that can be integrated into blockchain-based games, Enjin has plenty of potential for growth.