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Founded Year. New York City, United States. Company Stage. Tracxn Score. Competitive Performance. Ranked 2nd among 2 competitors. Fr8 Network About. They also seek to offer solutions to self-driving vehicle fleet developers. Fr8 Network Market. Let us walk you through our Companies database and other offerings. Request Demo. Fr8 Network is a funded company.

Take a look at Fr8 Network Investors. Fr8 Network Founders Founder? Claim Profile. Fr8 Network Competitors. Fr8 Network's competitors include LaneAxis. Using a reverse logistics blockchain strategy can help alleviate costs, increase efficiency, and also document responsibility.

Take food as an example. According to Bloomberg, three problems in the food value chain that blockchain could help solve are: 1 traceability and food safety, 2 price discovery, and 3 food waste reduction. Because of its ability to improve traceability, blockchain lends itself to improving food safety both from a preventive standpoint as well as drastically reducing reaction time in the case of a recall.

Using blockchain, digital ledger tech locking in shipment data, that process could be improved upon from days to mere seconds. Data captured, stored, transferred, and accounted for at each point in the supply path in real-time.

Track items or transactions using a shared digital ledger significantly more efficient than any current method for logging and sharing information. Speaking of fraud, startup Bonafi is working on a solution on a global trade problem worth nearly half a trillion dollars a year. It comes in the form of brand counterfeiting. The U. It could be a health or safety-related scam, or it could just be consumers thinking they have purchased an authentic brand name product like Nike, Coach, Gucci, etc.

Kuh notes that a lot of small companies could use blockchain as a solution, especially companies that use IP and hold the patent. Yet another major example is for industrial recall. Think product defects. Between and there were numerous recalls due to floor mats causing pedal entrapment, and the accelerator sticking and overriding the anti-lock software.

Had blockchain been in place, the company might have been able to swiftly monitor supply quality and identify the partners who were most responsible for the defects. The ledger of blockchain allows records to update in real-time for all members of the supply chain, and that includes the relationships between engineering, procurement, and suppliers. Sometimes you have to reverse engineer in order to move forward.

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Fr8 blockchain In the meantime, though, blockchain startups are still reaching reserve cryptocurrency regulation federal market share and trying to attract users. The arbitrators will also be directly compensated with Fr8 tokens, further incentivizing in the network. Currently, goods entering the US at a land border crossing suffer wait times on average of 2. Data captured, stored, transferred, and accounted for fr8 blockchain each point in the supply path in real-time. Sometimes, too, you have to move backward in order to move ahead. No credit card required.
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