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The officials emphasized that the proposed amendments did not make a decision on which cryptocurrencies the SEC considered securities. The amended regulation would also require a written agreement between custodians and advisors, expand the "surprise examination" requirements, and enhance recordkeeping rules. The SEC had previously sought public feedback on whether crypto-friendly state-chartered trusts, like those in Wyoming, were "qualified custodians. But Gensler's proposal seemed to undercut comments from SEC officials, who insisted the moves were designed with "all assets" in mind.

The proposed changes by the SEC are also intended to "ensure client assets are properly segregated and held in accounts designed to protect the assets in the event of a qualified custodian bankruptcy or other insolvency," according to material released by the agency on Wednesday.

Coinbase already has a similar arrangement in place. In its most recent earnings report, the exchange specified that it keeps customer crypto assets "bankruptcy remote" from hypothetical general creditors, but noted that the "novelty" of crypto assets meant it was uncertain how courts would treat them.

The SEC has already begun to target other lucrative revenue streams for crypto institutions like Coinbase, which is the only publicly traded pure crypto exchange in the U. Last week, the SEC announced a settlement with crypto exchange Kraken over its staking program , alleging it constituted an unregistered offering and sale of securities. At the time, Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong said a potential move against staking would be a "terrible path" for consumers. Together, that institutional revenue represented about 5.

But that percentage does not include any revenue from blockchain rewards or interest income from institutional custody clients. In the aftermath of the SEC's approval vote, comments from commissioners made it unclear what the full extent of the SEC's proposed rulemaking would be, and how it could impact existing partnerships.

Grayscale is not a registered investment advisor, and so under the proposed amendments would not apparently face any material impact to their custody arrangement. A person familiar with the matter did not expect the relationship would be adversely affected, noting Coinbase Custody's qualified custodian status as a New York state-chartered trust, and observing that investment advisors might even transition from directly holding bitcoin to owning GBTC shares as a result of the proposed amendments.

Within the commissioner's ranks, there was dissent and questions over the nature of the proposed rules. But Uyeda also noted that the proposal was a move towards rulemaking, rather than what he called a historic use of "enforcement actions to introduce novel legal and regulatory theories.

Binance continually develops its ecosystem with new features, including an NFT marketplace. As the ecosystem develops, its users will use mainly BNB for fees and other payments, a situation that naturally increases the value of a crypto asset. BSC has risen quickly to become a strong competitor against Ethereum due to the faster transactions and lower fees.

All of these contributed to increasing the token's value to where it is and could still play a major role in increasing it in the future. Currently the seventh largest cryptocurrency by market cap, the token dropped to this level shortly after the lawsuit against Ripple in Investors lost interest in XRP as a result of the allegations, but time may say something else.

Despite the lingering court case, Ripple has made giant strides. First, its token XRP has seen adoption as payment for cars in Japan, and in the most recent development, it partnered with Singaporean digital banking company FOMO Pay for treasury payments. Cardano is a crypto that flies under the radar of many crypto users. Like Binance, the project has built new features, including an NFT marketplace. Another major Cardano feature is the Cardano Launchpad, where new crypto projects are launched.

All of these services are powered by ADA , the native Cardano token, which though still low in value, may grow with the many use cases.

Another meme cryptocurrency on the list is Shiba Inu. The Ethereum-based token has also received support from Elon Musk, contributing to its meteoric rise in Despite the price stunt, many still believe the token is going to zero as it has no use case other than its representation of the popular Shiba Inu dog breed.

That situation could change, though, as Shiba Inu has been improving to support real-world use cases. This meme token's use case is mainly for goods and services payment. There are currently dozens of merchants who accept Shiba Inu as payment.

Another major feature the project may add in is blockchain gaming. This is a popular application of blockchain technology and a fast-growing one, which means its addition can significantly turn the fortunes of SHIB, the native token for the project. Now that you know about these cryptocurrencies and their potential to grow in the future, you can pick the ones that interest you as investments.

Like anything else, not everyone will be interested in the same cryptocurrencies, and this is fine. Always complete research before making any cryptocurrency investment, and never invest more than you can afford to lose. Readers like you help support MUO. When you make a purchase using links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission.

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