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21 cryptos magazine pdf

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Hide this message. Cookies on Companies House services We use cookies to make our services work and collect analytics information. Skip to main content. Companies House does not verify the accuracy of the information filed link opens a new window.

Follow this company. Confirmation statement filters Accounts Capital Charges. View PDF First Gazette notice for compulsory strike-off - link opens in a new window - 1 page 1 page. View PDF Confirmation statement made on 25 January with no updates - link opens in a new window - 2 pages 2 pages. View PDF Micro company accounts made up to 31 January - link opens in a new window - 2 pages 2 pages. Its growing popularity makes it an ideal investment.

For now, whether this happens in January is up for debate. Pirl is an asset of its own. Pirl was inspired by Ethereum to build their own smart contract environment as well. A decentralized marketplace is also in the works. It may gather fuel for a new ATH in the first or second week of January. They are currently working on their Windows and Mac wallets, as well working with exchanges on their listing. Masternodes are still halfway functional.

They also count on the community to guide them on functionalities that will be necessary in the future. No premine, but the dev gets 1 out of every 12 PIRL mined. So far things are looking good. If the new exchange announcements occur in January, then the price will certainly reflect that.

One to watch closely, and to BTFD. Aion was designed to support custom blockchains and act as a bridge between them, allowing trustless crosschain interoperability, meaning that you can interact with different blockchains through Aion. Aion-1 is their first public, dedicated blockchain. However, the demand is there. As with all good projects, in December Aion has also joined the bull run party and is set to achieve loftier heights. At the beginning of this coming year Aion has also scheduled a virtual machine, a token bridge and interchain communication, and a modified proof-of-work consensus algorithm.

Aion has a lot of room to grow, offers a great concept backed by a strong team, and looks good on the charts. With more marketing and awareness-building, this coin is primed for some great potential gains in the near future. This means that everyone can easily create their own child-chain that interacts with the whole Nxt blockchain ecosystem. A use case for this is to allow the chain where you store your information to interact with the chain that stores your medical records.

It will very likely experience a correction after its platform release on January 1st. They will be releasing their new platform at the beginning of January, which is highly expected this month in the crypto community in general. This, coupled with the high attention nxt had been getting of late is surely a sign of good things to come.

After the correction we may see the beginning of an uptrend. Many experts believe this asset is still undervalued, making it possible that this parabolic is only the beginning of a much bigger trend. For now though, wait for a large dip before making an entry.

What goes up must usually come down. Status is a tool where you can safely store your Ether and ERC20 tokens, a browsing tool to find and use Ethereum dApps as well as also listing your own. You can also trade Ether and its tokens directly with other users. It comes with a fully decentralized and encrypted messaging system too. The trend looks bullish, but wait for confirmation of an uptrend, and as always: BTFD.

Their roadmap is unclear about the near future, but their FAQ lays bare their long-term plans: a decentralized messaging system, a social network with hashtags, dApp directory akin to Play Store or App Store, for example , research tools, and more. Maybe not January, but the first quarter of should be interesting. SNT had a meteoric rise this month. There could be a giant cup-and-handle forming, and this coupled with the Ethereum Alliance news points to great things ahead.

Jan could be another excellent month for Status. This project is STK, a global payments network developed for instantaneous cryptocurrency transactions.

Because it proposes a new-aged solution to a long-time problem in a viable and attainable way ´┐Ż with a real plan! Last week, I went into the dry cleaners and pulled out my American Express card to pay. However, there are a variety of issues preventing mainstream vendors from accepting cryptocurrency. Second, Ethereum transactions take a good half-a-minute or more even on a good day, which is still too slow.

Finally, existing point-of-sale systems do not have built-in mechanisms for accepting cryptocurrency. The business owner would have to either adapt to a new currently non-existent point-of-sale system or ask customers to transact directly between private wallets ´┐Ż which would be as bizarre as it sounds.

Cryptocurrency solves so many issues that could help business owners increase margins all across the world. There must be a way to integrate this new half-a-trilliondollar plus technology into mainstream systems, must there not? Well, there is, and it is called STK - the best proposed solution for mainstream point-ofsale cryptocurrency transacting yet.

BIO STK proposes an intriguing concept, it is a totally new way of leveraging blockchain payment channels to create truly lossless and truly instant payments. Obviously, there is competition in this space. They are thinking different. TenX and Metal are strong projects, both competing for the same general market, but STK does things different enough to make itself a viable contender in this multi-billion-dollar industry.

Oh, suppose I should mention them, Monaco and TokenCard do technically exist as well, though I hardly consider them contenders, to be honest. It is very useful for business people or individuals who travel a lot.

With availability at more than 39 million locations worldwide, STK is usable virtually anywhere. Needless to say, STK has a powerful team behind the project. With backgrounds in payment processing, two former high-level employees at MasterCard, strong development, marketing, and community management teams, this project will prove to be a real contender in the space. STK has powerful and innovative technology, but so do their competitors. What truly separates STK and makes it worthwhile investment is not their focus on being technologically superior, though that is part of it, the real reason it is great is due to their focus on what matters most: the users.

STK has explicitly made clear of their focus on user experience, simplifying interface, and ultimately making the platform more desirable and easily accessible for the end-user. So why did I bring up Steve Jobs earlier?

The public sale begins Jan. I sold my car at age 20 to invest more money into Waves and Golem. Today, I continue managing that fund and work as a consultant and adviser to several cryptocurrency-based startups. With that in mind, I decided to write a little Cryptoslang dictionary to have some fun and help everyone who is still confused out.

Lets get started! The term comes from the gaming community. In crypto people say REKT when someone lost money. A comment that went viral from a bitcoin talk post. PAGE 19 no one knows about yet and you start accumulating it. Bag holding - When you buy a coin hoping it would become the new Bitcoin. Shill - When you buy a coin and then promote or talk about it to your friends, telegram group chats or on social media.

Moon - When a coin goes parabolic very quickly the green candle rockets up to the moon. Lambo - Lamborghini - The always bullish optimistic on Crypto or Bitcoin. Noob - A person who is Bubble - When market participants drive the price of an asset up above its plausible value.

Some have a strange obsession with comparing Bitcoin to Tulips. So good luck you there you perma bulls! Remember to BTFD and hodl onto your hidden gems. Always shill your ref links and bags to your friends. Watch out for whales and oh, most importantly, try not to get rekt! It also has SegWit implementation, which is a protocol that segregates part of the information in a transaction to make transactions smaller and faster.

Smart contracts are also employed. All-in-all, a very tempting asset to miners and investors for its profitability and potential. In this quarter LuxCoin seeks to activate stealth addresses, and implement public and private parallel masternodes through their LuxGate platform. In the next few weeks they are implementing segwit, smart contracts, and upgrading the wallet. Additionally there are talks of a coinburn. If cup and handle confirms, this means we will very likely experience another all-time-high, depending on how the general market fairs next month.

If this coin gets more mainstream awareness then a strong uptrend could form. Stratis is a smart contract platform, and can be used by customers to build their own blockchain applications based on the open-source code. This gives freedom for certain use cases such as scientific study, transparency, product tracking, data recording of IoT internet of things , and identity management.

With its incredible FA, this could very well be the new support level. Its creator, Satoshi Nakamoto, is a total mystery to everyone. This person or group of people stays in the shadows and removes the focus from being a person with a political stance, to an entity who has revolutionised our world forever. December was a crazy month for Bitcoin.

Getting more and more mainstream by the day, everyone wants it. CBOE and CME futures also launched, the latter being a surprising non-event, leading to a small dip then an immediate recovery. This month there will be a few events around blockchain tech like the Blockchain Conference in Miami, and Blockchain Cruise in Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand.

Coins with good fundamentals can only have a bright future, and PIVX is one of them. PIVX is based on Bitcoin, with a focus on decentralization, privacy, and real use cases. Simply speaking, PIVX is a form of private and trustless digital cash that can be exchanged, hiding transactions and their end users.

This could be new support for a higher push which may come soon. In the next few months PIVX is seeking to implement multisig addresses, elastic block sizes and an encrypted chat system right in your wallet. Plenty of room for growth is an understatement. Pivx is one of the most advanced privacy coins, with a great public opinion, and a strong team. The market cap is small compared to its competition, so the only way from here is up.

It performed better than many other alts in Dec, so Jan could be much the same. Between their competition of CoX nodes on their mainnet, conferences, events, listings and the announcement of dApp competition winners, Neo has more than doubled in price. What a journey! Headed by Da Hongfei, its goal is to create a smart contract digital asset platform. If fractals are to be believed, NEO is due a large rise very soon.

Lots of action on platform and giant in APAC. And China fud all but forgotten. The public support coupled with the extremely strong team, fundamental concept, and active development, mean that the future quite literally always looks bright for Neo.

Do not assume that you will make a positive return by investing in the coin I am about to write about. Also realize that past performance is not indicative of future success.

Additionally, I have a vested interest in the success of the below coin as I have already invested into it with an intention to hold it for quite some time. I am a PhD student who deals with the creation of biosensors for small molecules as well as pathogens. Twitter: cryptotrendz First, I will go over what piqued my interest in Kyber.

Then, I will go over the basics of Kyber itself. Afterwards, I will detail what sets Kyber apart from other exchanges. Even and basically the face of now the price of KNC is less Ethereum openly advised. Buterin and not by the On a related note, fundamentals something of the project. Users will be people like me and you who want to trade cryptocurrencies on the exchange. Reserves will be the entity ies that provide liquidity for the platform by holding the reserves of crypto assets.

Reserve managers are the actors who will control the exchange rates in reserves. There are a couple of unique features to Kyber which sets it apart from other exchanges in a positive way. One of the main differentiating factors is the way Kyber will exchange token A payment for token B desired for an individual user. However, Kyber may decentralized exchanges complicated.

Call options give rate for individual A. The destination for a novel decentralized upon price. Put options are address will receive the exchange will grow. And, excited about is Kybers launch which will give the from what I understand, proposed integration exchange a lot of publicity.

Another aspect which integration with popular However, I am not personally I believe has been wallets, and its utility token excited to partake in the completely overlooked by which will increase in Kyber futures markets; I am many is the implementation scarcity as more get burned excited because I see a of futures markets into through the use of the high demand for a futures Kyber.

Kyber will have exchange. Forwards will feature of Kyber, and I to trade derivatives with allow two parties to trade encourage you to do arbitrary cryptocurrencies. I price. There are a few important things you need to look at. If you get that impression, typically it is a scam project!

How many developers are working on the project? Is the code original, or a fork? Sometimes it is best to wait for more development on lowcaps before you buy them. Buying earlier can result in huge returns, but it can be risky. Examine the technology behind it Go through forums like bitcointalk and reddit ´┐Ż is there a strong community backing it? Are they professional?

From the start the developers should be acting in a professional manner. The website should be up to date and appealing 10 year olds can make websites now-a-days , they should have multiple social media platforms up and running, and most importantly the team should be transparent and responsive.

Always remember, lowcaps are very risky and have low liquidity ´┐Ż only invest a little. Buckle up and get ready, and as always, do your own research DYOR! OmiseGo is a payment platform project within the large Thai company Omise.

They help solve a fundamental problem of coordination between payment processors, gateways and financial institutions. Investors can participate in the closed beta SDK available on their blog.

OmiseGO has a great cause - to bank the unbanked. This, coupled with their great public opinion and seemingly unstoppable events and partnership news schedule means that their team is set for success.

December was, in general, an amazing month for smallers caps to gain, and Dragonchain, with its amazing fundamentals, was right on in there.

Who knows how many rungs of the ladder it will climb in January? You can build your own scalable platform using established languages like Java, Python, Node, and C. The incubator allows you to have early access to projects built on top of it, supported by a marketplace where you can utilise smart contracts, specialized experts, and purchasable platforms. Joe Roets is the CEO. He has former experience in software architecture at The Walt Disney Company. The potential in this coin is immense, and could very well be among the top 20 next year.

DragonChain will be releasing their Look Lateral project pre-sale for investors built upon their DragonChain incubator, it aims to make art accessible to all. The bulls ran wild after the ICO crowdsale ended. It has gone up more than 33 times its ICO price, which is a crazy gain compared to most coins in this space, but a completely plausible one - this is Crypto afterall. A higher rise is also very plausible in Jan. TenX allows you to finally spend your crypto gains in the real world.

On January 1st Tenx will start issuing cards worldwide, which is great for those living in under-developed countries and for those who are unbanked. This can be big for investors, depending on the demand from customers. After a lot of consolidation, it could be ready to start a strong uptrend. A big month! Power Ledger is a blockchain-based P2P energy trading platform that allows users to trade their energy surplus through the trustless network without a middleman.

It launched in May and has been very active with conferences and partnerships. Jemma Green, the co-founder, will be speaking at the World Economic Forum. Still in early stages of development. There was also rumour of them being in talks with Tesla, but this is unsubstantiated. Ubiq is a decentralized network that allows the creation and implementation of smart contracts and dApps.

Inspired by Ethereum codebase, Ubiq is a decentralized global ledger and supercomputer, a powerful tool for developers to automate everyday tasks carried out by middlemen. There may be consolidation and then a rise after January 1st. There will be a token distribution to UBQ wallet holders on January 1st. Short-term - awareness is growing and the charts look great. Wait for a consolidation or correction and then BTFD! In the beginning, there was only mining.

S ure, you could get someone to send you some as a test. So in the meantime why not type in one command line and wait for your computer to make a few on its own? This is the foundational genius of cryptocurrencies, cryptoassets, cryptotokens, whatever you want to call them-- this is what it is.

If you have access to a computer, electricity to make it work, and a network to which you can connect By the power of mining, if you are able to get online, then you have access to income, to safe savings, to purchasing power. Your wallet is a node on a network of money.

All nodes follow the same rules, and reject those who break those rules. Until the end of , when I found a Dogecoin meme on Imgur. I love underdogs. I love memes. I love trolling those who take themselves too seriously. And I believe, or did at the time, that Planet Earth is just crazy enough for Dogecoin to challenge Bitcoin, as an implementation of it that more people-MOST people-- might end up actually using. I wanted some.

But on Day 2, the faucets were empty. And I still wanted more Dogecoins. That was a ridiculous idea, to trust multiple websites to take my real money for my intangible playcoins. This is how LOTS of people got into crypto, and stayed. We were Dogecoiners.

We could create our own money for fun. The crypto network of money grew and mining grew with it. We have hundreds of mineable currencies and hundreds more that you only get by buying, not mining. We were machines. For every thousand Dogecoiners. We could people that have create our own money read an article saying Chinese farms have a for fun. We saw look just as silly.

How silly? We gainz, dear reader. Miners could to make money in crypto employ multiple strategies besides mining. You may, as I the trading market for their often do, value the passive tokens matures, the token income from PoS projects will go through something more than the risk of Sybil called price discovery. This is attack. You can get airdrops. These That equilibrium, for a preare pretty sweet: you get product pre-income venture, tokens for free.

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Alteum is the first organization in Latin America investing in blockchain technology. They want to be a vehicle to shape and adapt this part of the world to the reception of a crypto economy. Successful ICO. Alteum is the digital currency of Latin America and an end-to-end blockchain organization. They are launching their exchange, AlteumX, during April. They aim to have fiat gateways with all national currencies, as well as develop and expose all the hidden Latin American gems to the world.

The ICO price was 0. Their circulating supply is With the slow integration of cryptocurrencies in our lives, Aeon aims to make this transition as smooth as possible by enabling users to mine their currency with mobile CPUs using a lightweight POW algorithm; whether it is a laptop, a tablet, or a smartphone´┐Żall with the added perk of private transactions!

The project has been around since and shares some features with Monero. Update incoming to fight off ASICs and more. Resistance levels: 27k sats, 29k sats, 34k sats. Support levels: Currently, there is no product available from them yet. They will be open source and scalable, trustworthy, anonymous, will incentivize participation in the market, and will monetize its users. U P C OM I N G E V E N TS A dated roadmap has not yet been released, but their whitepaper states that their next steps will be to create a smart contract empowered credit-based protocol, a dynamic incentive mechanism, and a global peer to peer ecosystem.

The main advisor is the Tron CEO. From the chart you can see there is a ton of room for profit. Bull flag is forming on higher time frame charts, indicating that we have started a bullish trend. Resistance levels: k sats, k sats, k sats. Support levels: k sats, k sats, 76k sats. Our focus is strategy development, bot-development, and of course profiting off the crypto markets.

More information can be found on Cryptotutor. The opposite holds for the bear t rap. Spotting bull traps and bear traps beforehand is impossible to do, as a trader finds out afterwards whether a correction is a trap or not. However, there are ways to determine whether a seeming reversal of a current strong trend is legitimate or not.

In this article, I will describe a few points to consider when determining whether a trend is really reversing or not, in order to decrease your chances of being trapped in a bull or bear trap. Low volume during a breakdown should be regarded as suspicious; a real breakdown would coincide with an increase in volume. Many other indicators could sign for reversal as well divergences or candlestick formations.

What happens here is that bears sellers sell, while bulls buyers buy. Bears get trapped in a bear trap, while bulls get in the market. When the price strongly reverses, bears jump back in, leading to a sharp increase of the price and volume. Doing this could help a trader detect a reversal beforehand and prevent the trader from selling the bottom i. In the chart above, after a bull flag breakout, the price started to lose momentum and sellers began to increase.

The 1 Hour reversal candlesticks that formed indicated that sellers started to gain power. Bulls who bought in anticipation of the bull flag breakout got trapped at a higher price level. There are, however, ways to detect a reversal early on, which would decrease the possibility of a trader getting caught in a trap. In Technical Analysis there is no single best indicator, but combining the right ones can yield a strong advantage against bull and bear traps.

At age 19, I finally launched the fund and diversified into more than two dozen ICOs over the first year. I sold my car at age 20 to invest more money into Waves and Golem. Today, I continue managing that fund and work as a consultant and adviser to several cryptocurrency-based startups. Consider this: there are 1, cr yptocur rencies out there r ight now, and we exceed one hundred new ICO launches per month.

There has been a dramatic shift in what we must look for to deter mine which projects have promise and potent ial in the long- and even mid- ter m. So, why do I mention this? Am I saying that we should just skip ever y ICO and star t avoiding them at all costs?! No, not necessar ily. You must know what to look for, and then you may cut out much of the r isk out associated w ith the ICO game.

As one of the most anticipated projects of the year, it quickly caught my attention that its ICO would be launching this month. The Abyss is a next-generation, digital distribution platform for free-toplay browser games, client MMOs, as well as cryptogames. Cyptogames will be key; we will take a better look at this aspect later, as it led to my ultimate fascination with the project. After a thorough examination, I found three key value propositions which made me fall in love with this project.

Firstly, the blockchainbased gaming ecosystem is one of the most sustainable long-term business trends in the cryptocurrency space right now. Developers can leverage blockchain nodes to store executable elements of the game program, linking to them at run-time to create a more varied, unpredictable gaming experience. Additionally, there are many more benefits to blockchain-based gaming, including the ability to transfer value between games instantaneously.

Have you ever heard of CryptoKitties? If not, google it. It is an incredibly and somewhat inexplicably successful cryptogame. You see, the CryptoKitties are bred digitally on an immutable, irreversible ledger. People love collecting these digital cats!

I am not kidding, I saw one go for freaking 15 grand! The success of CryptoKitties will surely lead to spinoffs and the ultimate rise of cryptogaming; this is why The Abyss is such a promising project. They have the opportunity to lead and dominate this new niche industry´┐Żin addition to the immediate value propositions in the traditional gaming sector and the advantages to developers and gamers! Most recently, they launched their first GUI Wallet post hardfork at block Stellite is a proof-of-work currency that can be mined on an array of devices, such as a smartphone or a smart TV.

Stellite is a project garnering attention from all around the globe, and has been growing exponentially for the past 2 months. XTL has already improved their chain and proved their technical capabilites by hard forking in the second month to a better adjusting difficulty algorithm. They have also shown progress with the IPFS alpha, which plans to revolutionize the current idea of decentralization. With true mobile mining also on the road map, this coin plans to become one of the best in the industry.

They most recently held an event in Dubai called NEM NEM is a blockchain system for corporate and enterprisefocused projects. It can track and record almost anything´┐Ż ownership records, supply chain tracking, financial tools, and more. Nem launched in with an airdrop.

Catapult, Nem version 2. Currently trading in a tight range between key support and resistance. Resistance levels: 3. Support levels: 3. TomoChain is a blockchain with integrated smart contract capabilities, like Ethereum, but was designed to solve scaling difficulties.

The NEM founder is behind the project. Resistance levels:. Support levels:. Wanchain seeks to connect blockchains and exchanges throughout the crypto space. Any blockchain network will be able to interact with other blockchains through Wanchain. The coin everyone was waiting for is finally listed on Binance.

This one seems very promising and should conquer a place in the top 20 easily. Expect to see it getting dumped because ICO investors are taking profits. Resistance levels: 50k sats. Support levels: None. They have also just released a sneak peek at their upcoming lightweight widget for frictionless ERC20 trading.

The 0x Project is a decentralized exchange based on the Ethereum protocol. It provides an easily accessible exchange specifically for Ethereum assets, while allowing lossless transactions and high liquidity. In the 0x protocol, orders are transported off-chain, which greatly reduces gas costs and eliminates bloating the blockchain.

After a very nice rally, ZRX faced a heavy correction and looks quite good here. There was a trend reversal and the chart is consolidating before another move up. Resistance levels: 9. Support levels: 7. B ut can they achieve the legit imac y that stabilises state-backed cur rencies?

The ability to trade products not directly apples for shoes; shoes for coffee , but via a medium of exchange, revolutionised commerce but also the way goods were produced and the very organisation of society.

Over time, currencies have assumed more complex roles, and have even come to be traded independently as assets. Jamesharle1 I help researchers share their work with the world. Flash forward to , when cryptocurrencies are making waves because of their high trading prices but also because of their potential to revolutionise commerce once more, perhaps ushering in an era of security, anonymity and decentralisation.

Among other reasons, most employees and grocers would find the risk of being paid in a volatile currency unacceptable. Much has been written about its rising prominence as a concept this year including this excellent piece by Haseeb Qureshi at Hacker Noon, which pays particular reference to the design space for stablecoins. From the start, state-backed currencies have been strongly and necessarily linked with ideas of political legitimacy and stability.

The history of currency in particular, the Free Banking era in the USA suggests that nothing inspires confidence like an independent and legitimate state. Historically, both states and private companies have issued promissory notes to traders claiming they hold a certain value - but in general, it was states that traders trusted most. Cryptocurrencies face a stumbling block in this sense. Far from having the backing of legitimate organisations like states, they have something of a PR problem with the broad public, being typically associated with illegitimate activities and communities not least the Dark Web.

The fact of this association lends cryptocurrency an aura of instability: any criminal business could be shut down by state actors tomorrow, taking with it any value it held. Considering state-backed currencies have had a head-start, often measured in centuries, cryptos face an uphill struggle to establish themselves in an era of mistrust.

In the long history of state-backed currencies, such uphill struggles have been faced - and overcome - many times before. One tool for creating a stable currency is pegging: establishing a fixed exchange rate with another currency. The Nepali Rupee, for example, has been pegged to the Indian Rupee since ´┐Ż a choice that may have had something to do with the establishment of the Communist Party of Nepal in the same year.

Two years later, the newly formed party would instigate violence leading to the Nepalese Civil War. In , the English economist William Stanley Jevons proposed four functions of money: to be a common measure of value, a medium of exchange, a standard of value, and a store of value nowadays, the idea of a standard of value is often considered to be a part of the other three.

As a unit of account, the Euro initially fulfilled only the first of these functions. Cryptocurrencies, similarly, are not yet firing on all four of these cylinders though, like the Euro, they may do so in time. Monetary union cemented the legitimacy of the European project, and the success of the project has inextricably been tied to the value of the Euro.

Likewise many former Soviet Republics created currencies that reinforced the sovereignty and legitimacy of the independent states that issued them, and vice versa though this process plays out over decades, and often with the support of highly centralised administrative systems that allow for tightly controlled monetary policy. Cryptocurrencies could achieve stability in the same way as many conventional currencies: by having a few false starts.

Consider the case of Continental Currency, issued by the nascent USA before and during the war of independence , which ultimately crashed and became valueless. As the USA grew into a world-leading state in the late 20th century, it further modernised its currency by switching away from that other technique available to states: guarantee by gold standard. Until the s, the USD was tied to the value of gold held in reserve by the state; the process of decoupling it part of the Nixon Shock began in In the decade that followed, the USD lost a third of its value but paved the way for increased growth, faster response to recession, and the currency as we know it today.

The first is the value of patience: cryptocurrencies have many qualities that might make them attractive replacements for conventional currencies, but conventional currencies have become stable only with time.

The second is that the route to full functionality can be achieved in stages, as proven by the Euro. Cryptocurrencies already function as an effective store of value for those willing to trade in them, and may prove themselves as fully-fledged currencies in time.

The final lesson is that many of the qualities that make cryptos attractive - including decentralisation and pseudonymity will be the same ones that slow down the acquisition of legitimacy and the development of stability. When it comes to the search for the stablecoin, patience really is a virtue. I wear plenty of hats. Nowadays, people mostly know me as a fundamentals expert for new technologies PART 2 in the blockchain space.

My favorite picks are masternode cryptos, privacy focused projects, and distributed storage technologies. This ar ticle is the second in a ser ies of at least five ar ticles that will address the different r isks which cr ypto traders and HODLERs are t ypically exposed to in different forms. Having been a secur it y guy for more than a decade, my goal is to help you break up with the mindset that good secur it y must be complex.

After reading my ar ticles, you will hopefully be inspired and motivated to implement some measures to raise the bar for your overall personal secur it y.

All you need is a web browser, a smar t phone, and about 10 minutes of time. In fact, the number of factors is only limited by the effort involved vs. The process rarely involves more than 3 factors at the same time. A well-known example of twofactor authentication used in daily life is withdrawing of money from an ATM. In this case, you 1 own the card and 2 you hopefully remember the pin so you can get some cash when you need it.

After reading the next few paragraphs, you will be able to secure your email and crypto exchange accounts properly with little effort. The benefit of 2FA for your email account is worth the little inconvenience added. Blackhat hackers are selling and buying password dumps. They will try to use bruteforce attacks at best, and sophisticated social engineering attacks at worst.

An added benefit to implementing dedicated accounts is that your crypto trading activity and emails are completely separated from the rest of your online correspondence. I recommend using a combination of things you know with some random numbers included. We will add 2FA to this account in the next steps. Not all of them are useful to us, and some of them are even potentially dangerous when used improperly. I recommend the Authy app for all of your 2FA needs.

It enables you to have a single mobile app for all of your 2FA accounts. Some people prefer Google Authenticator, and while it certainly does the job, Authy is more feature-rich and allows for multidevice syncing, cloud backups, and easier account recovery should you change or lose your phone or device. There should be a clear separation between the device that holds your passwords and the other factors.

Authy offers a nice desktop app and browser integration. If you want to have the convenience of having a password manager like LastPass or 1Password and a 2FA App like Authy at the same time, install Authy on a dedicated device, such as a smartphone, with nothing else on it.

The next step it to set up Authy. The overall process is pretty straightforward´┐Ż open the App and follow the instructions displayed. This is especially convenient when switching to a new phone. Now you need your phone and your Authy app. All you need to do is scan a QR code, and enter the first code as confirmation.

You will receive a notification via email that 2FA was successfully activated for your account. I absolutely recommend ProtonMail. Binance is one of the biggest exchanges nowadays. I like the fact that they display a popup to warn people to enable 2FA on their accounts.

Never use SMS or email as second factor! Again, Authy recently published an extensive guide on their website how to configure Binance access. Unfortunately, changing the email address of an existing Binance account involves LVL2 verification, but they are usually pretty fast working on tickets.

By using dedicated exchange email accounts combined with Authy as second factor on a dedicated smartphone, you will have dramatically raised the bar for the bad guys. Regularly test recovery. I hope that you had as much fun reading this article as I had writing it! Stay tuned for the next part in this series. Cheers, marsmensch. Born after the housing market crash in , Bitcoin was created out of the need to make a decentralized currency that is not pegged to government-issued money.

Its creator, Satoshi Nakamoto, is a total mystery. This person or group of people stays in the shadows and removes the focus from being a person with a political stance, to an entity who has revolutionized our world forever. Although there is no strong indications of an uptrend, a consolidation rather than a downtrend will suffice. Bitcoin is retesting the multiyear long trendline and is at a pivotal point. A break below this trend line would take us back to the 6k range and might be the start of a longterm bear trend.

Backed by Arabianchain blockchain technology, Dubaicoin is a currency located on a public ledger created in the Middle East. The community-based project is creating a decentralized platform for distributed applications. Users will be able to easily create their own projects at any level of complexity. On this blockchain, smart contracts and tokens can be created, akin to Ethereum technology.

Time for me to accumulate again. Arabianchain is the first public, decentralized and consensus-driven blockchain in the MENA region that allows for self executing and globally accessible smart contracts and decentralized Apps to be developed.

It is in a bullish rising channel. Resistance levels: k sats, k sats. Support levels: k sats, k sats, k sats. They have also announced partnerships with two ICOs. Started in , their mission was to create the first decentralised marketplace which would cut out the middleman and result in much lower fees than that of their bigger competitors such as Ebay or Amazon.

Their public sentiment is high, and the long-term investment potential is great. Syscoin was launched in with an ICO. They had some struggles in the beginning because their escrow was compromised. They have a fully functional decentralized marketplace, masternodes are on the way, and they are working on ways to offer more anonymity.

There is also an airdrop planned in June for Syscoin holders. Oscillators are indicating that SYS is oversold. Resistance levels: 4. Kyber is a system that allows the instant exchange and conversion of crypto assets.

This allows merchants to receive payments in any token, while also mitigating the risk of price fluctuations in cryptocurrencies with derivatives trading. It is trustless, decentralized, and provides high liquidity.

The specialized team includes advisor Vitalik Buterin Ethereum. Kyber has just launched their public beta. Private beta was running smooth, so public beta will likely be impressive. We just passed through the ichimoku cloud resistance; a bull flag is forming on higher time frame charts, indicating that we have started a bullish trend.

It aims to make cryptocurrencies available to everyday people beyond the current tech-savvy crypto community. Some businesses already accept MUE as payment. MUE is a 4-year-old lowcap cryptocurrency with long-term focus. What gets me excited about it is the roadmap and team. TA looks like ongoing accumulation. It might be a good time buy and forget about it until end of this year. Accumulating between ´┐Ż sats. Resistance levels: 1. Support levels: 1. You, the Crypto collective, have vastly different backgrounds.

Some of you may have just started your adventure in this wonderful and intoxicating world, and want to learn everything you possibly can. We salute you the most difficult time is now over. Some of you reading this have been around for years, perhaps even from the genesis of this industry.

We, the Crypto collective, know how to have a good time. We get financial advice from Ham Cats, we listen to empty beer bottles, and we use the most ludicrous and hilarious avatars and personas to express ourselves through Yes, Crypto Twitter is a weird place. So that said, Viva La Cryptoland! We want logic. One of the ways of predicting what will happen in the future of any given field is by looking at other, similar fields and systems and seeing how they progressed from inception to world domination.

We could go way way back to the time of gunpowder, or better yet - the wheel. Perhaps even to the time when apes first discovered how to hit other apes with sticks. What was the pur pose? To increase knowledge To enable more sharing and economic and communication transactional freedom - e. So where do we think this is all going? Everyone Most people born after What was the result? People could the internet.

The world was reached inconceivable much better because heights. Higher quality Originally, to make mobile Increasing economic communication entertainment communication possible.

Now, speed, flexibility, and personal control experiences, with easier to act as a digital framework of any transaction, and enabling global use and longer shelf life. In other way. Did What was the result? I spell that right? Outside of institutions - we Ironically cassettes communicate, experience, What will the result be? The results will likely be that our future will be time between creation and tokenised.

It saves us time and money, propagation of a new tech and increases the capabilities of trade idea is getting shorter And it will probably happen faster than any of us realise. The general trend of Cryptocurrency market movement, social awareness, and consumer and business adoption is UP. Enough said. The new generation who value using speed and conserving time. So not only do we have newer and more tech savvy generations pushing this tech at an increasingly higher level - we have a greater number of these folks too.

Simple maths and logic here show that unless a large variable enters the mix, this will continue to happen - and the support for Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency will only get stronger.

Though honestly - most people who actively trade in this industry probably value the pursuit of money more than the underlying tech. They want to put food on the table for themselves and their families. They want to make their own personal world a better place.

We, need to take control over our lives, and we need to do it soon. Lets hope none of those 3 internet - and these things are arguably much more of a social and practical change than the proposed widespread use of blockchain.

With Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency, there are a lot of obstacles and variables before things go properly mainstream. What will it mean for governments and the control of citizens? How will tax be instated? What will happen to class systems? What will happen to corporate power monopolies? Not only do new and innovative technologies that solve huge problems in our world take off fast - they take off faster the further along the timeline we get. But the more we normalise Crypto trading, the more we talk to our friends and family - not about the quick bucks we make - but about the tech and this vision of the future we all share, the more the wider world will accept that Cryptocurrency is in all of our futures, and is here to stay.

Hope you enjoyed the read. See you soon, you wonderful inhabitants of Cryptoland! To the mining gr inders, this is the mindset that will allow you to recognize extremely profitable mining oppor tunities, and here are the tools you can use to exploit them. Remember, all this is a mere introduction, as anything fur ther would be doing your work for you. I can lead you to the edge of the rabbit hole.

Speculative or spec mining is not in the dictionary yet either, but maybe you and I can put it there! This is your baseline. Bitcoin, Ethereum, and the almighty USD are marketing and trading benchmarks, but with mining, any kind of conversion can muddy your analysis. If your daily mining baseline profitability is X, then this is now your basis against which all opportunities are measured, therefore we are now working with opportunity cost. If you mine something and it earns you less than your baseline, that is an opportunity loss´┐Ż you could have just stuck to your baseline and earned more as well as saving yourself the time.

Broadly at time of writing there are two general categories of spec mining: prospecting and launch mining. Prospector style spec mining is the easiest place to get started learning, as you have the time to hone your evaluation and decision making skills. The downside risk is that the nodes and miners could slowly drop away, or the only exchange it trades on could delist it.

There is an additional edge to prospecting in examining the math behind the coin itself. Look at the block reward and spacing between blocks. How many total new coins are minted per day, and how many of those can you get with your rig? Look at the total network hashrate. If your rig were to join this network, what percentage of that nethash would belong to you? Are there any small positive changes that could have a big impact on the price in the marketplace?

If so, how likely are those changes and how could they be influenced to come about? And finally, look at the timeline to profit.

How many months of electricity bills are you willing to eat while you grind out a bag that may be a zero-or-moon situation? All of the ideas above can be extended further in several directions. The larger the altcoin landscape becomes, the more prospecting opportunities exist deep behind the front page of CoinMarketCap. It is 9D chess against some of the greatest players in the world´┐Żsome of whom you may know from Twitter and even more who remain anonymous except for their suprnova.

There are launch miners out there that might be mad at me for even showing you that much. Launch mining starts with analysis similar to prospecting, but with less information available to you and almost zero time for you to analyze and act on that information. You have the opportunity to start mining it immediately after the genesis block, at the starting difficulty when blocks are very easy to find and your rig might represent half of the entire network if it were mining RIGHT NOW.

To optimize your chances of profit, you need to make a very quick breakdown of the block reward, spacing between blocks, emission curve, premine if it exists , and total eventual coin float. From that, you need to calculate your expected price per coin if you start mining it based on the opportunity cost of your daily baseline´┐Ż which you should know COLD!

You need this calculation dearly, as it allows you to set your own price for the coin via creation of a breakeven. The number of coins you mine in your first day, divided by your daily baseline is the literal cost of the coin. This should sound powerful´┐Żit is. There are ways to minimize risk. You can make a quick breakdown of fundamentals just as you would analyze an ICO before buying it.

There are barriers. Your mining rig s might not even be set up to mine a coin with this particular Proof-of-Work algorithm. There may not be any mining pools for this coin right away. Also, there might not even be wallets released for your operating system yet. You can prepare to hurdle these barriers if you have set up your rig with quickly configurable batch files and mining software, a solo mining or self-built stratum pool configuration, and even a compile environment to create your own wallet from the provided open source.

There are even bigger risks. The upsides to these risks are worth it. Imagine you got the chance to be the first buyer of an ICO and were allowed to set the price for as low as you could possibly set it for the very first coins you buy. Then imagine this coin turned out to be a massive, legitimate project and you got in on the ground floor! This is the optimal case for speculative launch mining. So how do you find these opportunities at the moment that they are born into existence? Some coins are posted to two smaller forums: cryptocointalk and bitcoingarden, conjunctively or alternatively.

You may be able to automate something better for yourself. Instead of renting discrete rigs, you specify an amount of hashrate in aggregate that you want to rent. Nicehash allocates rigs to your rental order, sending that hashrate to your chosen mining pool. This is similar to leverage trading BTC USD, where taking on additional risk allows you to add a multiplier to your profit or loss. So how can you leverage mining beyond your own rig? You can rent other rigs. Two services exist to let you do this.

One of them is MiningRigRentals. First, you load your account with bitcoin, litecoin, or ether. This is the simple way to do it. Once you get comfortable, you can create a mining profile and rent a whole batch of rigs at the same time if you feel speed of deployment is of the essence. The other service is Nicehash. The first time you look at Nicehash, it will be donkeysauce to you. Over time, as you become more confident with the lightningquick evaluation of new launch mining opportunities, your experience will decrease this risk to the point where opportunity outweighs it.

Above all else, recognize that it is up to you to Do Your Own Research! This is where I leave you to do that. Thank you for your interest in mining. Good luck.

NSF out. Buckle up and get ready, and as always, do your own research DYOR! Like many other alts, its price kept dropping all through January and March. Salt lets users leverage their cryptoassets in order to secure cash loans. This means that buyers can use cash without having to sell their cryptocurrency to pay for the purchase. Salt claims that the application is easy, with fast approvals and no credit checks.

The interest rates are competitive and there are no prepayment fees. This quarter they plan on launching credit cards. Just a great project with a damn strong FA. It may be due for a rise in the next month or two. Resistance levels: 35k sats, 40k sats. Support levels: 31k sats, 26k sats. The aim is to allow producers to tokenize the energy they produce in order to pre-sell their production and provide an open market to the energy grid.

Their platform launch is around the corner. WePower is a blockchain-based green energy trading platform. It looks promising! CoinFi is a platform that delivers market data and gathers information about live markets and community sentiment, all in a way that is easily digestible to the everyday crypto investor. They aim to bring Wall Street caliber tools to the crypto market. The ecosystem is composed by traders, financial analysts, bots, moderators, signals marketplace, and much more.

Mark your calendars for April 6th´┐Żit will be interesting to watch out for this one! Wait for a break above resistance or below support to find the trend. It also has SegWit implementation, which is a protocol that segregates part of the information in a transaction to make transactions smaller and faster.

Smart contracts are also employed. LUX has major potential but has hit some turbulence with wallet issues: they have recently announced that a fix is forthcoming, which should no doubt make a buy. There is bullish divergence on the indicators, which typically means we will see upwards movement soon. Prior to that, the last potential activity for a stir in markets was in late February when they launched a developer pilot academy program.

As for the price, it has been suffering from steep depression, like many other alts. Not only a blockchain platform, Dragonchain also aims to be a marketplace and incubator. You can build your own scalable platform using established languages like Java, Python, Node, and C. The incubator allows you to have early access to projects built on top of it, supported by a marketplace where you can utilise smart contracts, specialized experts, and purchasable platforms.

By the end of April they will implement proof-of-work, launch a smart contracts library, as well as a currency and block aggregation protocol. Bottomed out and created a higher low on the 4 hour chart. DRGN just passed through strong resistance according to the ichimoku cloud indicator; this is a very bullish sign.

Resistance levels: 11k sats, Support levels: 8. If you want a mind-bending brain-teaser of a puzzle, then look no further Expert mode engaged. How have you been? Has the market made a dent in your wallet? This month Desiree explores what it is like to be banned on Twitter for no obvious reason, while Pamela tells us how she grew her empire with her entrepreneurial skills and curiosity.

I also interview Jennifer Leigh, the professional poker player with a knack for cybersecurity and cryptography. She will give us guidance on how to improve our security and ward off crypto robberies. Forget the last four weeks for a bit and join us! Part hodler, part wannabe trader. After a decade in charge of staffing, marketing, and development for Team Enterprises and US Concepts, she has brought her talents to Phore and Titanium Blockchain Infrastructure Services for whom she is currently employed.

Professionally serving as Blockchain and Digital Currency fellow at Women for Women International, exploring how distributed ledger technology can empower women in post-conflict, marginalized countries. As a self-descr ibed nerd w ith a knack for c ybersecur ity, today she w ill reveal to us her secrets on how to secure your assets as well as how you can lear n more about cr yptography and cybersecur it y.

A friend of mine opened a bitcoin-only poker deposit site and was an incredibly huge believer in bitcoin from the start. What do you think are the major concer ns regarding how people secure their cr ypto assets, and what can they do to improve it?

Honestly, I think the major concern to me about security in this space is the level of ignorance and laziness people have in their overall threat model. Security standards are always changing, and often people believe that proprietary software like Antivirus suites are enough to keep people safe. Everyone has different risks and not all security layers are enough for some people. The first step is always assessing these risks and going from there.

We leave so many digital fingerprints everywhere. While general awareness of data protection is becoming higher, our privacy and rights to protect this are being lowered through legislation, like the CLOUD Act. Keeping an isolated environment between private and public activities is important.

Is there any source website, book, etc on encr yption and cybersecur it y that you can give us so our readers can have a star ting point? I think being your own bank comes with a lot of responsibility, and a large part of that is learning how to secure yourself. I think everyone should learn to start verifying before they trust. We place a lot of trust in companies, developers, and governments to keep us secure and our data private.

The EFF is a foundation that fights for internet and privacy rights. Remember, to take note of how much mental bandwidth you have when you start digging down the paranoia rabbithole with security, encryption, and privacy. Thank you so much for shar ing those links. What is some of the best advice you had regarding lear ning on your own after you purchased bitcoin for the first time? If you prefer shorter-term results, consider having multiple portfolios split into different risk levels.

You can take profit from your shorter-term portfolios, and then reinvest into the long-term portfolio. You need to find your own style and trading personality. Self awareness and being honest with your expectations and goals is really important. This space is the inspiration for me to do so. The best advice, which I learned early on, is that you have to tune out the news and focus on the innovation and true disruption which bitcoin has caused. The more it bothers you, the more you notice it.

I can see some viewpoints from a bunch of different angles. Empower people to be as knowledgeable as possible. Thank you so much for the inter view, Jennifer! It was a pleasure to talk to you. I wish you all the best in your endeavors, and good luck in the cr ypto world. Eventually, I found success, and the gr ind lost its flare.

I began craving a change that provided me a certain degree of independence; of course, injuring my spine was a powerful motivator as well.

I recalled seeing something years prior about bitcoin and financial freedom´┐Żlike most noobs, my interest was piqued. That certainly planted a seed, and the more I thought about it, the more I added water to the soil.

I started living vicariously through others, feeding off crypto-Twitter and YouTube. Eventually the market crashed, and I thought it was now my time to enter. I had no idea that the verification processes and the depositing of fiat would be a major hassle.

About 10 percent of the funds which I had tried to invest were accepted through wires; the rest had been declined for an unnoted reason. I had wanted as much information as I could retain, and I carelessly accepted positions working with other teams who were less desirable. If you have been following me, then you know that I have been purging and removing all these other projects from my list.

I began to grow my Twitter presence, and the roundtable began to grow at remarkable speeds´┐Żso fast that we had to disallow new members.

Through discussions with the members of the roundtable and my interactions with some less-than-desirable people in the space, I noticed an unadulterated lack of accountability running rampant. Exit scams, incompetence, and bold lies are here, damaging the credibility of this beautiful movement.

Accountability is the key to growth and transparency for any organization; thus, the need for accountability to be more present in this space overtook all my other cryptocurrency ambitions. These issues inspired the advocate in me, and I had to involve the public to design a tool that would enhance community education and accountability. If you want the revolution to succeed, you must be a part of the fight. I figured the next step would be to get as much experience as I could, and so I began my roundtable, which indirectly exposed me to Phore.

After speaking with these gentlemen, I knew that it was a no-brainer to try to get into this well-organized team and start learning the space from a new perspective. The relationship has been fruitful. To this date, it is the only project which made sense for me to remain working with.

If you want to learn more about how you can be involved or for upcoming details on the project, keep tuned into 21 Cryptos and follow me on Twitter ThePinkCrypto. All the best laid out plans predicated upon hours of meticulous research can prove to be inadequate. The magazine lists the top 21 coins each month, analyses the merits and demerits of coins and chronicles monthly event calendar. Our two core goals are to save traders time and mental energy.

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