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Your Cashback will be automatically applied to your account. The platform security system may show you an additional check that you are a real person, not a robot. You may be asked to move the puzzle to the right place with the slider at the bottom left-click and hold the slider itself.

Verify your email. Your Financial account is activated and ready to go. This means that you can log in and start trading in cryptocurrency. If you are using some old version of Internet Explorer that you have not updated for a long time, it may not be supported by the exchange. You should either have the newest version of the browser or try a different browser like Google Chrome. Summary Binance is a great place for crypto trading for many reasons. And you should be able to register there.

In case you have some issues, you will probably find the right solution from our list. The website is temporarily unavailable You are trying to open the Binance website to create your account, but nothing happens and you just keep getting an error page.

No matter what browser or device you are using. Most probably, there is a server maintenance time. Just wait for an hour and then try it again. You are an American resident The platform has implemented restrictions for U.

Due to US legislation, Binance has opened a dedicated U. If you want to set up a Binance account, you must first verify your identity. According to Binance, the review time for the verification process is generally around ten days. US-issued IDs are not accepted. Binance used to offer non-verified accounts and still lets longtime unverified users make limited withdrawals for the time being. In order to combat money laundering, many crypto exchanges are now implementing these measures to ensure that customers are fully registered and identified.

Companies and governments can establish your physical location by looking at your IP address and then block content not approved within or outside of certain geographical borders. IP addresses, assigned to you by your Internet Service Provider ISP , are essentially like your physical home or work address , but online.

In these cases, they block access even if you already have an account. A VPN bypasses geo-restrictions by assigning you an anonymous IP address from any country that you want. VPNs also provide additional security through anonymous IP addresses and military-grade encryption. Binance and other top cryptocurrency exchanges have excellent security measures that can protect your sensitive data. This is why you should always be cautious and use a VPN, especially when on public Wi-Fi networks, like hotel, airport, and coffee shop WiFi.

VPNs provide an extra wall of protection against threat actors and keep your information safe. Below, we detail the features you need in a VPN, so you know what to look for when picking a provider.

A VPN service with a built-in kill switch function is a must. If the VPN connection drops for any reason, a kill switch instantaneously blocks your internet connection.

Premium VPN providers use bit encryption when connecting you to the internet. This protects your sensitive financial data and browsing activity from third parties. These two protocols are known for being fast and secure.

Most of our top VPNs use one or the other. For instance, NordVPN has more than 5, highly secured servers in 60 countries and selects the fastest one available in any given country at any given time. If privacy protection is your number one concern, you want a truly no-logs provider. NordVPN has been independently audited twice and proven to be a no-logs service. Premium VPNs constantly keep their software up-to-date and usually roll out updates every few months. Want to learn more about how to buy crypto?

There is an American version, Binance. US, though that only allows access to about 50 cryptocurrencies. Check out our full article for more information. Due to US government regulations, the original exchange platform stopped accepting American customers in They launched Binance.

US to meet the needs of American investors, but the version of the site only has about 50 cryptocurrencies to trade. The US government has recently investigated Binance for money laundering and tax fraud, as well, according to media reports. Check out our full article for more details. Taylor is a tech writer and online journalist with a special interest in cybersecurity and online privacy.

For VPNOverview. If I already have an account on binance. Will you need to do 2 factor to transfer to a different wallet? So moving crypto to another wallet, buying, selling, trading, etc. Probably best to try moving a small amount to the wallet first, and make sure everything runs smoothly.

Unfortunately, Binance currently requires you to provide them with proof of residence to start an account. Take a look at our overview of the most trustworthy, fast, and safe VPN services.