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Bitcoins pictures of jesus bitcoin private key scanner download

Bitcoins pictures of jesus

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Jeff depicted the Savior when He is fasting and praying in the desert. The landscape is entirely barren and isolated, emphasizing the personal communication between God the Father and His Son, Jesus Christ during this sacred time.

He does not look starved or weary, as we might expect of someone who was fasting for forty days and nights. He appears grateful and emboldened. Her education and art career have led her to many places in Europe, which has influenced the classic, stucco style she applies to all of her beautiful pictures of Jesus.

In this instance, a gold halo encircles His head as He walks away from the tomb. The image is full of greens and yellows, matching the title: Light of Life. In our lives, regardless of their current circumstances, we can find light when we let in the Savior of the world.

This well-known piece by Annie has inspired many. We love the warmth she illustrates, both in the lighting as well as its colors. This beautiful painting of Jesus feels just like what its title suggests: an embrace. Through Him, we can feel that warm embrace throughout our lives as we serve those around us, just as Jesus did.

In her beautiful painting of Jesus, Mandy is not referring to a physical refuge. She illustrates the sort of spiritual refuge Christ offers us. His arms are open, and His face is calm. He stands in what appears to be a wilderness, just as we all do in many ways, offering us peace and hope. One of the inspiring things about Christ is that He is steady. In a world of constant fluctuation and change, we can rely on His refuge to never change.

In this painting, Jesus is beckoning for us to follow Him. It is interesting to note where Brent chose to paint the light source.

We see it at the end of the path that Christ is leading us. In contrast, the foreground of the image is dark, especially in the bottom left corner. This suggests that no matter where we are in life, Christ is willing to guide us.

He can lead us out of regret and confusion toward healing and truth. Brent adds specific detail to this beautiful painting of Jesus. Even the path He stands on is symbolic.

It is not smooth and even, but it is clear and visible. Such is our path through life as followers of Jesus Christ. Kesly and Jesse have a style all their own. As their artist brand, Lightweave, suggests, they work a lot with dramatic lighting in their LDS artwork. Here, the light surrounding Christ is bright. Christ is smiling and extending His hand as if to help lift us to higher ground. We love the title: Fear Not. It ties the piece together, reminding us that with God, all things are possible.

Here, Simon paints Jesus Christ as broad and physically strong. We can feel safe in His care. We love this beautiful painting of Jesus because Simon also depicts the Savior as gentle. The soft textures and peaceful backdrop indicate that Jesus is not the kind of leader who aggressively seeks after power.

He would rather have us grow and increase. He has sacrificed Himself so that we can overcome our shortcomings and become leaders ourselves. That act is what makes Him the true leader.

This beautiful painting of Jesus Christ highlights the miracle of the resurrection and perhaps of life itself. A soft light surrounds the Savior as His gaze rests on us. In the backdrop, we see full tree branches, directing our eyes toward Heaven. The overall effect is that of reassurance and hope. This life is not the end. Through Jesus Christ, we can find eternal life. Brent Borup chose to make Christ the entire focus of his painting.

It is an up-close portrait with a simple cream-colored backdrop. The Savior's even gaze immediately draws the viewer's eye, making the portrait feel almost like a gentle, one-on-one interview. It invites self-reflection on our relationship with Jesus Christ and the role that He plays in our life. As with his other artwork, it carries a lot of spiritual warmth and symbolism.

Christ is holding a staff, reminding us of His role as the Good Shepherd. The sunlight shines over the mountains, illuminating the scene and suggesting how the Savior offers light to our world, as individuals, and as the human family. Throughout the New Testament, Jesus constantly referred others to the Father. There are multiple instances when He pauses to thank Him vocally. By His example, Christ showed us the proper attitude to have toward our Father in Heaven. It illustrates some of the relationships between God the Father and His beloved Son.

This beautiful painting of Jesus Christ illustrates His power as the Savior of the world. His expression is soft but sure, and He radiates light. He stands in front of a serene, natural setting that communicates the peace and life that His presence brings.

The title I Am is a statement of certainty and power in itself. It reminds us that Jesus Christ is the only way for us to find salvation. He does more than make up the difference for when we fall short. He makes all the difference.

His influence inspires and encourages us to grow and improve. It may not always mean that life is easy--in fact, following Jesus Christ and His teachings can often make life more difficult.

But it will mean that no matter our circumstances, we can find peace, healing, and direction. At the end of it all, only one thing will matter � it is your relationship with God, your Creator and Jesus Christ, your Savior. Dear Brother, I think the mark of the beast is not keeping torah and instead, accepting contrary laws of man. What is your thought on this please? Like Like. Hi Israel, thanks for dropping by. I would definitely agree with what you said.

But let me add, that Christians today are to keep the commandments of God and not just the things we find in the Torah. Like Liked by 1 person. All of this takes place during the tribulation and I will not be here for I will have been raptured and in heaven with Christ and all of the rest of His church.

All men have fallen short of this and there is no other method of atoning for sin besides faith in Christ who gave the final atonement. His death and resurrection is a perpetual atonement for all sin. This is no excuse to continue in sinning, however. Love and faith are verbs and both or synonymous in spiritual terms. If you place your love in anything else before Him, perhaps that is the mark on your life.

However, every breath we take is another second of mercy where by we can cry out to God for forgiveness and you can instantly receive the gift of salvation which is a perpetual gift waiting for you to receive every second of everyday. I never read or hear Jews Hasidic, Sephardic or other discuss something regarding the Torah and the law. There are more than laws in the Torah. Breaking any of these laws is a sin, which is no part of God. God provided the Hebrews with methods for atoning for those sins burnt offerings etc , but if we ponder the likelihood of living a sinless life under the law of the Torah,we see it is virtually impossible.

Similarly, in His sermon on the mount, Jesus brought deeper understanding of laws that got to the spiritual nature of the sin we are tempted by and commit. There was a clear understanding of adultery as a physical act, but Jesus told the multitude that this sin manifests in the heart first as lust. Love is an inspired feeling that causes some kind of action, and even the heathen loves his or her own� but to love as God loves is to love everyone, even those who hate and persecute us.

Now though, we have the endless mercy, love, faithfulness and the saving grace of the blood of Jesus Christ; the final atonement for all sin, and saving grace for those who will accept it, believe in it, repent, be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ and be blessed with the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

The rapture is real, and the Tribulation period is for the Jews. Not the believing gentiles. The mainstream Christianity today rejects the Torah, while at the same time claiming to be following Yahshua who kept the Torah and encouraged His followers to do same � Matt Yea sounds like a spirit of Christ and spirit of anti christ one will do good the other will be distructive, as for the mark of the beast there are many ways of recireciving that so be very very careful out there, its getting very dangerous out there now.

Thanks for your comment, Morgan. Pingback: What does the Bible say about investing in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies? Becoming Christians. I think the Mark is already being implemented in a surreptitious way, i. If you consider that things are becoming more and more draconian.

It is true that technological advancement today, along with other government legislation, are paving the road to developing the Mark of the Beast. Very well written and encouraging. Thank you for investing time to write truth. Thanks Gina. May we all have the right knowledge, courage, and faith to avoid the mark of the beast. Beware, the rise of bitcoin is causing everyone to become greedy and turn their faith to idols instead of trusting in God who have been providing those who trusted him their needs.

Didnt God provided adam and eve with everything? We must unit our heart to pray for one another to hold on to his words. Adam left Eve alone to talk to the serpent that lead to their downfall. Dont fight alone, confess to one another and expose the lie of the devil. No one beside God can be powerful without supports. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Samuel.

Indeed, We must be careful with, not just Bitcoin, but also other worldly cares that can lead us away from God. What scripture do you recommend to read the most to help us discern the truth from a lie besides revelation. Some of it is confusing. I understand that some verses are confusing. Thus, it is important to seek out the truth with all our hearts. Thankfully, God can see our hearts and He will reward us with the truth when we diligently look for it.

You can also send me an email: joshuainfantado gmail. In what way? If i joined Bitcoin and some say its aim is targeting the , so how can i protect my self not to follow into that trap of or mark of the beast because i love to follow my Jesus Christ till end. You can keep yourself from having the mark of the beast by staying close to God and doing His commandments. If you see that investing in Bitcoin put a rift between you and God, then it would be best to avoid it. And if your eye causes you to stumble, gouge it out and throw it away.

It is better for you to enter life with one eye than to have two eyes and be thrown into the fire of hell matthew I have received some messages OF persons asking me to invest like 10k, and get 30k�when i find out farther to see what they are investing on �.. I find out that it is Bitcoin.

And she said before i can earn that, that I hard to register first, that i should send my account details including my phone number. So I dnt really understand, this things are actually pointing to real. We really have to be very careful as believers not to fall in evil hands��.. Thanks for your comment, Michael. Let us prove all things and examine all things.

Most importantly, we need to ask God for guidance. God Bless you all i got my answer and I am blessed for all the information that have come my way. Please i have invested in thise bitcoin with MY life saving.

Please someone should help me with a truth answer am comfuse. The whole point of my blog is that the cryptocurrency technology might be used in the future as a way to control people and fulfill prophecy.

Greetings and thank you for your video. Though I see this is a few years old, perhaps it is time to revisit this topic and question, especially given this Covid debacle and the mad push for electronic proof of vaccine, which some want to encode on a chip they implant in your hand�. The same chip could be coded to connect to your banking information to facilitate payment for goods and services. With centralized currencies, this is an absolute concern.

BitCoin and other decentralized currencies do not present this risk, IMO. Yes, they will use our vaccine status to determine whether we can buy or sell and are already doing this. Of course the banking details would be tied to our accounts at the Federal Reserve in the US at least.

We can better predict economic trends, which will enable us to better direct expenditures and investments more equitably and in line with our global sustainable development goals. And of course, if you mess up, they can just shut you off. Its why some of us are shouting from the rooftops about this vax passport�. I also believe that crypto technology that we have can potentially be used in the future to set up the mark of the beast.

It can also be combined with other means such as the vax passports. The beasts name or what the world calls any given user, any give man by a number. Ip address, account , etc.. Many such prophetical things hold up to scrutiny from any view point on it which makes them all a little scarier because you certainly can view things in a different way.