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The scammers are tricking people through text messages, saying they have won a bitcoin jackpot worth thousands of dollars. This new trick, like other scams, seems to be tipped to rip people off their hard-earned money ultimately. According to the reports and data that PrivacySavvy. That tells the scammers are mass-sending these messages to users on different carries worldwide.

These bitcoin jackpot scam messages have been repeatedly circulated multiple times during the last seven days or so. People in multiple countries have received these messages, but Pakistan, India, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Bangladesh have been bombarded most with texts so far as per our sources. These bitcoin scam text messages are supreme examples of how cyber scammers build a plot to lure victims. But many people are likely to be ripped off their hard-earned money because these are sent on their mobile phone instead of their email inbox.

Globally, millions are lost through text message scams that come in the form of jackpot or bitcoin investment these days in the way of Ponzi schemes that seem too good to be true. Last year, ABC reported that tens of thousands were stolen from a couple through a bitcoin investment scam.

The couple thought they had hit the jackpot through a bitcoin investment; they tripled in six months. They showered more money into the scam crypto trader that came as Coinexx.

Very few people know that identities are tradable information on the dark web. Email address, home address, date of birth, and so on can make a hacker rich. So if you receive a bitcoin lottery or jackpot text, the best thing you can do is ignore and delete it from your phone immediately. Also, look out for short URLs if any , which are shining clues that the text is linked to scam.

We reached out to Pierluigi Paganini , an Italy-based renowned cybercrime analyst, security specialist, and EC Council London Ethical Hacker, to comment on cryptocurrency scams and some ways to avoid them. Binance is another of the large exchanges that allows you to make recurring Bitcoin purchases by day, week, or twice a month. If you are wrong and the volatility in the price moves it down, you will lose money.

However, if you only buy a little bit every month, then you are entering Bitcoin at many different prices, so the volatility will not affect your profitability as much. The lesson to take away from these scenarios is not that you will always make more profit if you dollar cost average your Bitcoin purchases. Anyone can invent fictional scenarios where dollar cost averaging looks good or bad.

The point is that buying Bitcoin or any asset for that matter at a bunch of different prices prevents an investor from having to experience the emotional swings that occur from short term volatility in the price. You, therefore, do not need to take the gamble that you will be right about what the price of Bitcoin will be.

Instead, you can just set your investments and forget them. If you want to see more examples of dollar cost averaging at work, you can run through these simulations. First, it helps stop you from panic buying major price movements in Bitcoin. Second, removing all the guesswork from trading Bitcoin can also be a huge mental health benefit, since you no longer need to worry about buying low and selling high.

Finally, dollar cost averaging tends to mitigate a lot of the short term effects of price volatility. First, because you are making many trades once a week, month, etc , you may experience more fees if the fees are charged per trade.

This can affect the profitability of your trades. Second, you may miss out on profits in the case you get lucky and buy in bulk at a low price. That being said, the whole point of dollar cost averaging is to remove luck as much as possible from our trading strategy. After all, luck is not a strategy - its just gambling. Dollar cost averaging is designed to eliminate short term volatility in portfolio value. Dollar cost averaging is VERY effective at doing this.

One unfortunate side effect of dollar cost averaging is it makes it difficult to calculate your cost-basis which is the method used to calculate capital gains. Calculating cost basis is outside the scope of this article, but its worth being aware that you will need to decide which method for calculating cost basis is best for you.

Jordan Tuwiner is the founder of BuyBitcoinWorldwide.

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