cryptocurrency crash jan 17th
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Cryptocurrency crash jan 17th crypto resource cpu bandwidth memory disk space

Cryptocurrency crash jan 17th

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The No. Researchers said investor bets on a rosier macroeconomic picture were driving a jump in riskier assets across the board. View 2 more stories. It is the latest entrant to the hyper-volatile world of meme coins, cryptocurrencies inspired by online memes and jokes, and is modeled after the same grinning Shiba Inu dog as dogecoin - which itself was catapulted to fame by Elon Musk tweets. Bonk's a puppy, though. But buyers beware. Nonetheless, some market players pointed to the relative cheapness of these tokens - doge is worth about eight cents - as a reason why speculators were willing to place bets on them.

Bonk is a meme coin with a mission. Some researchers chalked the crypto gains up to optimism that inflation had peaked, reducing the need for tighter central bank policy. There's certainly been an increase in activity. Total bitcoin flows - representing all uses including trading and payments - have increased by 13, bitcoin on average in the last 7 days, the largest rise in 64 days, Chainalysis data showed. However, market watchers warned against celebrating too soon, noting trading volumes remained low and the macroeconomic environment uncertain.

The U. Citing sources at Ripple, Forbes said earlier this month that Larsen has 5. Ripple holds At XRP's peak on Jan. That made him one of the five richest people in the U. A Ripple spokesperson had nothing to add at the time, and did not immediately respond to a CNBC request for comment Wednesday. Major digital currencies have plunged in the last two days after reports raised concerns about increased regulation on cryptocurrencies in South Korea and China.

Last week, XRP prices also appeared to fall after CoinMarketCap said it was excluding prices from certain Korean exchanges due to significant price differences with other markets. A representative for the twins did not immediately respond to a CNBC request for comment. The brothers may have sold or bought bitcoin since April

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WebNov 14, �� Prices of digital currencies fell again as the crisis engulfing the market deepened over the weekend. Bitcoin, the world�s biggest cryptocurrency, has . WebJan 25, �� Bitcoin and cryptocurrency prices have crashed over the past week with around $ trillion wiped from the combined crypto market� and sparking warnings of a . WebJan 21, �� The plunge resulted in an overall market capitalization loss of more than $ billion for the total cryptocurrency market in just 24 hours, according to .