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An all-in-one Cryptocurrency exchange API service. Current implementations include coinbase and binance exchange. CexCore is complete and easy to use. Add a description, image, and links to the exchange-api topic page so that developers can more easily learn about it. Curate this topic. To associate your repository with the exchange-api topic, visit your repo's landing page and select "manage topics. Learn more.

Skip to content. Here are 12 public repositories matching this topic Language: C Filter by language. Star Updated Feb 13, C. Updated Dec 8, C. Updated Jul 9, C. Wrapper for BitMEX. Updated Mar 3, C. Updated Oct 13, C. Star 7. Trade Bitcoin for free. Sign up with Email or Phone. Popular cryptocurrencies. Last Price. Market Cap. Sign up now to build your own portfolio for free! Trade Bitcoin for Free. Build your crypto portfolio.

Complete the identity verification process to secure your account and transactions. Add funds to your crypto account to start trading crypto. You can add funds with a variety of payment methods. You're good to go! Earn daily rewards on your idle tokens. Search popular coins and start earning.

Explore endless possibilities with Binance. Dive into the world of NFTs.

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The best rate is automatically picked for your client and is displayed in the onboard interface without disrupting your UX. With this API you can get extra income, along with enhancing business capabilities.

IO offers several free-to-use APIs that provide users access to advanced trading tools. With CEX. IO API, you can receive comprehensive market data in real-time for analyzing current market conditions, backtesting, and building a trading plan. Furthermore, CEX. IO API lets you track trade history and monitor your balances to be always informed about your trading performance.

IO features one of the most competitive trading fee schedules for high-tier traders, opening new trading opportunities for traders who use automated trading systems.

IO provides full API documentation with a lot of code examples, empowering users to easily integrate API into third-party trading platforms and custom trading solutions. IO API offers requests per 10 minutes by default but the number of requests can be increased if necessary. It means the CEX. IO API can be considered a useful solution with high availability.

Crypto Compare is one of the best crypto API if you're looking to create something that could be used by a large corporation or an enterprise-sized organization. It's also a good choice if you're looking to create a high-use app.

The API as a whole is currently handling more than trades per second, 40, calls per second, and sourcing news from 50 different reliable providers. The API is also robust, with scalable endpoints that help you match the demands of your project to the resources used.

Every transaction is secure, as are user connections to the API. They provide a free version of the API for individual use. Members of this program create an affiliate account that allows them to get API keys, track the statistics, and request payouts. The minimum withdrawal is 0. You will be able to get from 0.

API integration takes only 1 day and API users are always welcome to contact the SimpleSwap manager to answer their questions if there are any. Nomics is another very large API with access to over 66, different markets your users can access to complete their trades and to find the best possible prices for each currency. The average response time of this API is only 51 ms, fast enough that your users will probably note the speed of the functions provided by this API. The API also allows to create a variety of additional functions beyond a simple exchange currency.

Like a stock exchange app, the API also provides portfolio valuation tools to help your users know whether their portfolio is moving in the right direction. If you choose and are looking to create a publicly available crypto currency app, you can also make this functions available to users. There is very little latency with this API, allowing for near-real-time trading.

There are also no rate time limits, and the developer provides uptime guarantees for developers and users. There is a reason it gets consistently good results and high reviews. They provide a variety of different ways to view and interpret market information and currency trends, as well as a running count of the current supply of each currency type. You can also access currency valuation at a glance, making it easier to see where each currency stands, regardless of the additional tools.

This API is probably one of the biggest aggregate sources of crypto data. However, it does work as an exchange platform as well, though less effectively than some of the other API that are designed specifically for exchange purposes. The best crypto currency APIs offer multiple different ways to access the information, as well as different representations of that information.

On the other hand, there are some API that are incredibly specialized into only a single function. These are usually better than crypto currency API that only have two or three features since single function API do the one thing they do particularly well.

The volume of trades usually doesn't matter for individual users, since almost no individual user will be able to overwhelm the capacity of an API. Not to mention that those high-volume trade API also have to optimized for more up-time and to be more consistent in their overall performance or they would have a lot of frustrated users.

Fortunately, crypto currency API are generally well optimized for even inexperienced users, so most are fairly easy to implement. If an API in this niche is consistently getting bad reviews for being difficult to use, steer clear. Pricing for crypto currency API is less about the price itself, and more about matching the price to the needs and resources of your project.

Historical Data is one of the single most important features for a market exchange API. The further back the historical data provided goes, the more likely it is to be a reliable source. Crypto currency API are powerful and flexible tools that are designed to make it not only possible but easy to access the crypto market. Pay more attention to the functions you need instead of just the best rated or the most versatile options.

Of course, you should also keep an eye out for highly scalable options in caser the scope of your project grows. Scalable API let you meet the needs of the project over time, without having to change to a different program and potentially lose clients in the process.

You should also consider looking into additional features, like IP Geolocation , that can add greater versatility to your project. Email Regex Guide. What is my IP Address? IP Geolocation. Geolocate any IP worldwide. Get data on any domain or company. Get and convert exchange rates. Get holidays for any country. Get and convert time globally. Compress and optimize an image. Shorten and manage URL's. This is used to match a particular request or subscription with its returned data.

Within each Message there is a correlationIdList to identify the request or subscription that requested the data. This will return the order book updates instead of snapshots.

Subscribe one Subscription per exchange with a comma separated string of instruments. This can be useful if you need to connect to test accounts e. An example can be found here. Extend a subclass, e.

MyLogger , from class Logger and override method logMessage. Assign a MyLogger pointer to Logger::logger. To perform an asynchronous wait, use the utility method setTimer in class Session. The handlers are invoked in the same threads as the processEvent method in the EventHandler class.

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Failed to load latest commit information. View code. Bindings for other languages such as Python are provided. It is ultra fast thanks to very careful optimizations: move semantics, regex optimization, locality of reference, lock contention minimization, etc. Supported exchanges: Market data: coinbase, gemini, kraken, kraken-futures, bitstamp, bitfinex, bitmex, binance-us, binance, binance-usds-futures, binance-coin-futures, huobi, huobi-usdt-swap, huobi-coin-swap, okx, erisx Cboe Digital , kucoin, kucoin-futures, deribit, gateio, gateio-perpetual-futures, cryptocom, bybit, bybit-derivatives, ascendex, bitget, bitget-futures, bitmart, mexc, mexc-futures, whitebit.

Execution Management: coinbase, gemini, kraken, kraken-futures, bitstamp, bitfinex, bitmex, binance-us, binance, binance-usds-futures, binance-coin-futures, huobi, huobi-usdt-swap, huobi-coin-swap, okx, erisx Cboe Digital , kucoin, kucoin-futures, deribit, gateio, gateio-perpetual-futures, cryptocom, bybit, bybit-derivatives, ascendex, bitget, bitget-futures, bitmart, mexc.

FIX: coinbase, gemini. A spot market making application is provided as an end-to-end solution for liquidity providers.

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WebThe world's cryptocurrency data authority has a professional API made for you. A new suite of powerful, flexible, and accurate cryptocurrency market data endpoints. From . API enables you to: Trade crypto 24/7, even when you�re offline. Implement automated trading strategies. Obtain real-time and historical market data from the . AdStart trading crypto today and get instant access to more than coin and token markets. Trade crypto with confidence in a constantly evolving market with our trusted + Coin & Tokens Listed, 15+ USD Markets, 24/7 Customer Service, OTC Desk.