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Bitcoin agents in nigeria

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A consultant should always be available to help you and answer any questions you may have. Multiple touch options are also essential. Live Chat, email, social media, calls, and other well-known touch alternatives are just a few.

Breet App remains the best app to sell bitcoin in Nigeria. Breet is a platform for an automatic cryptocurrency exchange that enables individuals and organisations to instantly convert their cryptocurrency into fiat currency in the event that they only need to accept it and receive a flat equivalent in their coin. Breet enables users to securely convert and withdraw their cryptocurrency into real money in less than 5 five minutes without the use of peer-to-peer trading or a third-party agent.

With just a few clicks, you will have cash on your hands in five minutes. A fantastic benefit in and of itself is that businesses can now accept cryptocurrency as a payment option without making their clients wait hours to confirm the payment. Breet is also unrestricted. No processing, receiving, or withdrawal fees, there are no fees. Breet has not been charged in any way. The ease of use of Breet by many Nigerian bitcoin sellers eliminates their problems with high and unusual fees.

There is no limit on the amount you can deposit or withdraw on Breet. Breet is simple, affordable, and approved. You gain reward points for each transaction you complete on Breet. You receive a praise point for every dollar deposited in your wallet, which you can then exchange for cash or airtime.

The fee calculation feature on the Breet app allows you to determine how much your BTC sent to your pockets would be worth in Naira based on the current exchange rate. Simply enter the necessary data, which includes the cryptocurrency kind, fiat currency type and USD amount. Recently, Breet has been given a brand-new function. Customers can use this feature to automatically retract their price range after each transaction. Users can choose whether to turn this option on or off. When turned on, your budget could be converted and withdrawn instantly to the given local bank account following each transaction.

These praise points can be exchanged for money or airtime. Whenever you want to sell Bitcoin in Nigeria or Ghana, always use Breet to enjoy these unique settlements. Download Breet App on Android here. Bitcoin Availability There is nothing more discouraging than finding and signing up for a crypto exchange platform only to discover that they are out of stock of the cryptocurrency you want to sell. Fees Specific transaction charges are priced in certain change structures.

Limitations A few cryptocurrency exchange apps also include a variety of charges and limitations. The Nigerian-based platform lets you do this with your debit card or via bank transfer. You can also send and receive Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies from the Quidax platform. Visit Quidax Here. BuyCoins features both peer-to-peer bitcoin and instant purchases. Or you can look through the marketplace, select a trade, and transact with another user. Visit Buycoins Here.

Chipper Cash is a borderless way to send and receive money across Africa, including Nigeria. The platform recently allowed users to be able to buy bitcoin in the app. Check out our guide on how to buy and sell bitcoin with Chipper Cash. Visit Chipper Cash Here. Visit KuCoin Here. Numerous payment methods like bank transfers, PayPal, TransferWise, supported fiat deposits, direct deposits, and M-Pesa makes CoinDirect a great platform to buy bitcoin in Nigeria.

Users can also buy from the CoinDirect marketplace from other vendors and users. Visit CoinDirect Here. The major payment method into the NairaEx wallet is via a virtual bank transfer which makes top-up instant.

Visit NairaEx Here. BitPesa is an Africa crypto-exchange with over 26, users. The platform supports the purchase of Bitcoin from Nigeria and other African countries. Users can pay with Paga or their debit card. However, BitPesa does not provide a Bitcoin wallet; users can create a third-party wallet to receive Bitcoin. Visit BitPesa Here. Bitsika allows users to make transactions, send and receive money across currencies, pay bills, create virtual cards , at low costs.

Beyond that, you can buy and sell Bitcoin on the platform. In this post , we wrote about Bitsika being a universal money app. Visit Bitsika Here. Bundle is a social payments app for cash and crypto.

Hence, as a user, you can send, request, and receive Bitcoin on the platform. More importantly, you can buy Bitcoin from Nigeria after adding naira into your Bundle account.

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Why Is Bitcoin Trading at $37,000 in Nigeria?

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