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Jordan belfort cryptocurrency twitter cryptocurrency price floor 6500

Jordan belfort cryptocurrency twitter

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These days, Belfort is a public speaker, author and sales coach and he describes two types of investments for the crypto space , one of which is to bet on protocols with long-term fundamentals.

The other is to put a small amount into ultra-low market cap crypto projects that have the potential to make massive profits if you get in early. Read more: Crypto live prices. The former Wall Street stockbroker said that for ultra low cap cryptos it is best to get in before they are publicly traded on exchanges, and investors should buy in when the project "is offered on a launch pad, or a series A or a seed round".

Crypto launchpads, often referred to as IDO platforms, are decentralised exchange platforms for launching new coins, crypto projects, and raising liquidity. But on these ventures, Belfort advised "that most of the time you will lose and be prepared to lose it all". This correlation makes sense to Belfort: "It doesn't surprise me one bit that it is doing that and it would be more of a surprise if bitcoin was already trading as an inflation hedge because it is still very nascent".

He added: "There is no real institutional ownership in bitcoin, for instance, you don't have a teachers pension fund owning bitcoin for a ten-year hedge, it's not like that yet". Read more: How the EU plans to regulate the crypto market.

He said that it will take regulation for institutional money to flow into the sector, describing the fraudulent activity in traditional markets as being piecemeal when compared to the murky actions in crypto markets, "where people are getting slaughtered". His advice for investors is to pay close attention to the management team behind crypto protocols, adding that "if you don't know who the owners are of a protocol, then that is a big concern for me".

His second piece of advice is to look at the utility of the crypto project, saying that the best test for a blockchain project is "if the idea works better from a centralised server, I would probably not get involved".

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