crypto exchange in africa
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Crypto exchange in africa

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Disclaimer: This list should not be considered as investment advice or an endorsement of these platforms. The platform is currently available in over 10 African countries, supporting local currencies. South African users can trade Bitcoin, Ethereum and alt-coins on this platform. Overall, it offers over 20 cryptocurrencies for trading. The company aims to differentiate itself through user service, including a Telegram community and bi-weekly community calls. These can be traded against the Naira.

The platform uses a multi-stage wallet strategy to ensure that the majority of funds are kept in cold storage. It also offers a custom trading engine that is scalable and executes orders in real time. Busha is a Nigeria-based crypto platform that provides a crypto exchange as well as other crypto investment-related solutions. Its exchange allows users to trade currencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum. Interest accrues on a daily basis and is payable monthly.

The company allows users to trade over cryptocurrencies from the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem. It also provides a native QDX token that can be used for transactions, transaction fees on the Quidax Exchange, in-store payments and more. Users can also withdraw Rand to any South African bank account.

Cryptocurrencies supported on the exchange include Ripple, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Cardano, amongst others. Over 50 cryptocurrencies can be traded on Valr. It also has a rewards function for users based on referrals. Your data will be safe! One of the major issues with African economies have been corrupt government regulations.

What can often happen in Africa is that money is typically circulated amongst the wealthy, thus preventing the creation of sociatal money flow. When this happens, those that are not as wealthy will be impacted by inflation.

On the bright side, cryptocurrencies are a blockchain based system that can yield profits with just a small amount of money. This means your small investment will be on the same global market as highly competitive currencies. The future of crypto currency is still developing, but countries like South Africa have proven that digital currency can assist with the economic advancement because at any moment a person can sell their crypto currency once they have made a desired profit, and put that money towards the economy where they live.

Have more questions about investing and personal finance? Please refer to our terms and conditions for more information. Membership Become a member. Check FAQs Contact us. About Locations Press Careers. Terms of use. Language English. Crypto Cryptocurrency on the African Market. So, how exactly do you get started? Crypto for beginners What is cryptocurrency? As of now, there are only a few countries in Africa that have a global presence on international trading platforms, those countries are: Ghana Kenya Zimbabwe Nigeria Botswana South Africa These are the countries with considerable regulations and laws that allow their citizens to trade.

Putting money aside African currencies fluctuate due to currency exchange. How is this possible? Is crypto currency a wise decision for Africans? Tags Cryptocurrency. Become a member.

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