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The exchange rates are updated at regular intervals and presented in tabular form for usual amounts. What is the process for transferring 0. Canadian Dollar. It is updated hourly. You can have bitcoin startkurs event exchange rates in the two lists for more than international currencies. Three options are available: Bank transfer Cash withdrawal Mobile phone transfer. This information was accurate as of

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Buy bitcoins in nigeria

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Buy Bitcoin In Nigeria. How to buy crypto on Binance P2P. Say goodbye to trading fees with Binance P2P, our peer-to-peer exchange. Whether you want to buy or sell crypto, Binance P2P lets you connect directly with other Nigerian merchants and sellers. Learn how you can buy your first cryptocurrency today. Track the market and trade on the Best Crypto Exchange in Nigeria. Track your favorite coins, explore new listings on Binance Exchange and enjoy the best exchange rates in the world.

View more markets. Trusted Features. This ensures that your crypto trading experience is quick and reliable. Trading crypto on Binance is easy and intuitive. You only need a few steps to buy Bitcoin instantly. Binance provides the most efficient, secure way to carry out cross-border payments. Our global platform makes it easy for you to send money to Nigeria from anywhere in the world using Bitcoin.

Payment Method. Domestic wire transfer where the originator and beneficiary institutions are located in Nigeria.

A bank transfer refers to any chain of wire transfers that takes place entirely within the borders of a single country. Domestic wire transfers are often processed within 24 hours but may also vary depending on your country. A transfer to another individual using the same bank as you.

This option allows you to add your bank account information if you are unable to find the name of your bank. Payment types can range from direct deposits to international bank transfers. Transfers generally take working days. You can deposit cash into the seller's bank account at your local bank branch or via an ATM. The money will be available instantly or by the next business day, depending on your bank's policy. Offline payment method and the only method that requires face-to-face F2F meetings to complete transactions.

You will need to arrange a meeting with the counterpart in a safe place and exchange the crypto for cash. Customers can transfer money from one wallet to another if both parties have the same e-wallet.

The transfer is done instantly. It is a transfer where you add credit to the recipient's mobile number. All you need to know is their phone number. How to buy Bitcoin In Nigeria. Sign Up. Create your Binance account in a few seconds. This latter option includes hardware wallets , such as Ledger Nano S, desktop software wallets, such as Electrum, or mobile apps , such as Trust Wallet.

Crypto brokers: Brokers support convenient payment methods, such as allowing users to buy crypto using fiat currencies. Crypto brokers usually have fiat on-ramps that integrate easy-to-use payment methods like bank transfers or debit card payments. One example of a crypto broker that supports direct naira payments is Luno. Cryptocurrency trading platforms: These are platforms that offer users the ability to trade Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Exchanges conveniently enable traders to deposit fiat currencies in online wallets that they can then use in order to purchase their desired crypto assets.

You can find an overview of the best platforms available for Nigerians here. Note that some have imposed restrictions on Nigerian residents in the wake of the CNB ban. Peer-to-peer exchanges: P2P exchanges enable direct negotiations between individuals.

Buyers are matched with sellers who specify their price and accepted payment methods. Once a transaction is initiated, the funds are held in an escrow system until payment is confirmed by the seller. This method offers greater privacy. Platforms that Nigerians can use peer-to-peer trading include LocalBitcoins and Binance. For most centralized platforms, you will first need to create an account. Depending on the platform and where it is registered, you may also need to provide data and personal information as part of a Know Your Customer KYC process.

A full overview of exchanges available in Nigeria is provided here. Meanwhile, some exchange and other options include:. Binance P2P : Binance has developed a P2P platform that provides a safe environment for buyers and sellers to transact at zero transaction fees. Nigerians can also access extensive crypto products, including decentralized finance DeFi. Ether ETH is the second-largest cryptocurrency by market cap and one of the most popular altcoins worldwide.

Ether has seen high demand in Nigeria due to its recent rise in value and central importance for many DeFi products. With a young and tech-savvy population in Nigeria, it is no wonder that this African country is one of the leading countries adopting crypto. With El Salvador passing Bitcoin as legal tender , we could see more countries following in its footsteps in the near future. If you would like to learn more about cryptocurrencies in Nigeria, check out our guide on the best crypto exchanges in Nigeria , best crypto apps in Nigeria , and the crypto renaissance in Nigeria.

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WebAug 13, �� Buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and 38 more cryptocurrencies with your credit card, bank transfers and mobile money. Pay with NGN . WebFeb 5, �� Most Popular Bitcoin Exchanges in Nigeria Popular Luno is the most popular Bitcoin exchange in Nigeria with 6,, users Visit Luno User-friendly NairaEx . WebMar 25, �� Easiest and cheapest ways to buy crypto in Nigeria. Getting bitcoins in Nigeria is not an easy task as not all popular crypto exchanges are available to Nigerian .