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Bitcoin park

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As with the hydro plant, construction was arduous. Getting shipping containers and Bitcoin rigs from Goma meant two days driving along dirt roads through rebel-held jungles. Another ranger was killed in October , six more in January , another in October , and another in November A local job posting led to the hire of nine Congolese crypto miners, who scored well on a questionnaire competition.

Now many of them have crypto wallets. That responsibility gave me confidence. The miners work 21 days straight before getting five days off. Everything must be planned.

Each container holds to rigs. Virunga owns three containers, with all the proceeds going to fund various park services. He pays Virunga for the electricity to run his servers, and whatever he mines belongs to him and his investors.

Some of that money was used to buy two of the three park-owned containers. Not everyone is so sure. And not all Congolese are fans of radical development. Years of war and foreign exploitation also weigh heavily on locals, who often praise the park and curse it in the same sentence. Meanwhile, for the international community, the idea of Bitcoin as savior has perhaps never been a harder sell. That criticism is heavily tied to the enormous amount of electricity required to mine coins�electricity typically generated from fossil fuels.

US crypto companies are not legally required to report carbon dioxide emissions. Many communities , particularly in developing countries , have also been exploited by international crypto miners, some of whom swoop in to take advantage of weak local regulations or tax benefits, siphon power, damage the surrounding environment, and then disappear for the next hot spot.

Even the largest Bitcoin outfits employ only a handful of people. And those are very precarious jobs with insecure contracts. So is this a good model? They should use the hydropower for something useful. Esther Marijnen , a Dutch political ecologist who has worked in Congo since , makes a similar point�arguing that the mine at Luviro is simply at odds with conservation and questioning what a gorilla sanctuary has to do with crypto.

For all the development taking place in Virunga, especially around hydropower, she notes that the park has failed to bring widespread stability or employment.

Or is it to attract business? There are no fossil fuels here since the mine relies on rivers, he adds, and the lack of customers in Luviro means no power is being siphoned from local needs. Ultimately you need three things: power, machines, capital. If you buy Bitcoin and it decreases, you lose money. When I ask what would happen to the mine if something were to happen to him, he keeps smiling. Unlike being reliant on just oil.

This area has become the heart of territory now claimed by the M Still, when I visited over the spring, 5, bars of soap were being produced a day at the RUSA soap factory via equipment purchased with a microloan backed by Virunga.

And a park-run chocolate factory in nearby Beni gives cocoa growers a fair price and a legal market. None of the core Congolese crypto team are ex-militia, but some of the temporary workers who participated in construction were, notes Gouspillou. At the park's headquarters in Rumangabo, the stakes of this experiment are on stark display.

Near piles of confiscated charcoal and a gorilla cemetery is the grave of the first female ranger. Widows make stuffed animals and rifle straps in a workshop filled with dozens of stars bearing names of the fallen. On my last morning in the park, shelling began early. The next day, missiles streaked over the sky as the M23 moved against the army�with Virunga staff and thousands of Congolese in the middle. Matebe was next. Later that week , a UN helicopter crashed over a militia-held area and fighting engulfed Rutshuru and Matebe.

Through it all, park staff stayed. By luck or divine magic, the M23 retreated back up the mountain. By mid-summer, fighting had resumed , and towns fell as the rebels swept toward Goma. The government declared its oil ambitions, and in August, US secretary of state Antony Blinken announced a plan to jointly examine the extraction areas.

Since then, a hydro plant has been hit by artillery and a high-voltage line to Goma has been struck. The M23 has continued its bloody campaign in Rutshuru and in October seized Rumangabo, leaving de Merode and staff reliving an occupation that feels eerily reminiscent of what captivated viewers of Virunga a decade ago.

And even if the M23 actually retreats, various other rebels remain; just a few weeks ago, around Christmas, a group called the Mai-Mai killed two rangers. And de Merode is still waiting, Kyeya and Mbavumoja are still hard at work, and the rigs are still plugging away in Luviro. Adam Popescu is a writer in Los Angeles. Robot vacuum companies say your images are safe, but a sprawling global supply chain for data from our devices creates risk.

Make Sunsets is already attempting to earn revenue for geoengineering, a move likely to provoke widespread criticism. An MIT Technology Review investigation recently revealed how images of a minor and a tester on the toilet ended up on social media.

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If you continue to get this message, reach out to us at customer-service technologyreview. Skip to Content. An "extraordinary solution" in a "bewildering place" One of the first things you notice in this slice of the Democratic Republic of Congo is how green it is�oceans of emerald fed by heavy rainfall and rich volcanic soil. Over park rangers have been killed since , on average one a month. Here, rangers on early morning patrol look for animal snares, illegal fishing activity, and wood cutting.

When de Merode arrived in Virunga in , he quickly recognized the importance of the work of the rangers, who often went unpaid. Here, he stands with rangers over the body of a murdered female mountain gorilla in July Yet against these odds, by September of , the Luviro mine began operation.

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