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You load the card with any ERC token of your choice and can then spend the funds through its Visa-backed fiat gateway. The accompanying app helps you track your spending and the Monolith non-custodial wallet is open-source: great news for those who want to assure themselves that everything is above board. But these are minor concerns and, with those competitive fees and the backing of an exciting DeFi enterprise, this is a card that should be on your radar. Finally something to put a smile on the face of those Americans wanting to join the crypto card party.

It supports a good � and growing � list of coins and its fees are pretty decent too, with no deposit exchange or withdrawal charges. The top rate is a whopping 6. This is one of the best staking returns out there, so well worth investigating. It supports a decent list of coins and fiat currencies , though sadly it is only available to customers in Europe and Singapore.

Wirex also offers a decent crypto cashback return of 1. The base cashback rate is 0. To get 0. For the majority of us mortals however, there are better options out there. The BitPay card is backed by Visa and, as above, you preload with your crypto and get spending.

As with Wirex, the limits allow you to live the high life, should you so wish. However, BitPay is lacking in other areas. The BitPay card falls a long way short of most of the other cards here, but it does at least offer some extra choice for those of you in the US.

Ah, Coinbase: a name familiar to almost anyone with even a passing interest in crypto. The Coinbase card supports nine different cryptos and is available pretty much anywhere in Europe. The good people at Coinbase seem to have gone for the option of squeezing a fee out of their users wherever they can. There are many different factors to bear in mind when choosing yours and we hope this handy guide has made that choice a little easier.

Bottoms up. Merch Store. Nexo 3 3. Monolith 4 4. BlockCard 5 5. Wirex 6 6. BitPay 7 7. Coinbase Card 8 Conclusion. Collection of Crypto. Nexo Debit Card. Monolith Debit Card. Wirex Visa card and Mobile Application. Despite their relative newness, there are already numerous crypto debit cards to consider.

These cards vary in terms, perks, fees, and other features, so we did all the research for you. Here are our picks for the five best crypto debit cards:.

Coinbase is one of the more prominent names in crypto, with it being one of the largest exchanges and the first to claim a spot on the New York stock exchange. The Coinbase Visa benefits from the company's experience creating and running a high-level financial exchange in a relatively new and competitive industry. The company's background and experience have also lent a great deal of security to its card. Not only is the card protected by the company's transaction security, but users can freeze their physical card from anywhere using the companion app.

One of the challenges with crypto debit cards is the stark contrast between how many cryptocurrencies exist and how many are compatible with these cards. While not top in the industry for the number of cryptos that work with their card, Coinbase offers a broader selection than many competitors. Cardholders can utilize any supported crypto on Coinbase and US dollars on purchases with the card, including withdrawals at ATMs.

Coinbase has stated that they've removed transaction fees, making this a potentially fee-less process. There is a 2. Cardholders may wish to maintain a portion of their assets in USDC for the purpose of fee-less transactions.

The wide utilitarian usage of the Coinbase Visa, combined with the removal of fees, the large number of compatible cryptocurrencies, high-level security, and strong rewards program earned this card its spot as best overall on our list.

The BitPay Card offers an excellent entry into the crypto debit card lifestyle. While this card doesn't have a rewards program, it excels in most other aspects of these crypto cards. There are thirteen cryptocurrencies supported and no conversion fees for making purchases or ATM withdrawals ATMs do include a separate fee. The BitPay companion app makes it easy to freeze your card if you've lost it or pay without it if you left it at home.

While offering such apps is becoming standard, not all allow for as much functionality is the BitPay app. BitPay is one of the forerunners in this industry. It was founded in , well before cryptocurrency had expanded into the vast sphere of coins it is today.

The company's history and experience have lent towards making a crypto debit card with minimal costs, impressive ease of access and utility, and strong security. While rewards would be a nice caveat, the lack thereof doesn't keep the BitPay Mastercard from being runner up for best overall on our review list. The Crypto. CRO is the native crypto of Crypto. Not only does this card offer high rewards to serious investors, but there are little to no fees for many transactions.

The tiers differ in some aspects beyond rewards, including a transaction threshold for each level. Transactions under your card's threshold don't incur a transaction fee, while those that go over have a 0.

Thanks to its utility, low fees, and robust investment-based rewards system, the Crypto. While the Crypto. No matter your tier, this card is usable at merchants and ATMs both, making it a viable everyday debit card.

Users earn points with every purchase, which are converted at the end of the month into a crypto asset of the cardholder's choice selected from available coins. Depending on that month's market movements, this approach can be a boon or a hindrance for cardholders. For crypto investors who enjoy the volatile price swings of the crypto market, this card can offer another angle to appreciate and potentially benefit from those fluctuations.

Every crypto debit card has its own nuances when it comes to cashback and how cardholders can receive these rewards. BlockFi breaks with some of its competitors by allowing cardholders to select which crypto they would like to use when receiving their cashback rewards. Combined with the card's unlimited cashback, the option to choose earns it a spot on our list as the best crypto debit card for unrestricted cashback rewards.

Binance is one of the larger cryptocurrency exchanges, and it offers a Visa debit card. However, this reward is only available in the exchange's native crypto, BNB. This card does have transaction and withdrawal fees of up to 0. With crypto regulations and norms changing rapidly, this may remain a barrier long-term, or it may change once again. Still, despite this restriction, the Binance Visa offers some of the best cashback rewards found in crypto debit cards.

The Coinbase Visa card won our top spot as the best crypto debit card, although the competition was fierce, and each of these cards has plenty to offer. Depending on what you want to get from your crypto debit card, different cards might be best for you. There is some overlap in best use cases between some of these cards, and in those cases, the best one for you may come down to more nuanced differences. For instance, both Binance and Crypto. Crypto debit cards use a clever mechanism that allows cardholders to use their crypto like a currency, even when it isn't technically counted as one.

Your crypto debit card will be linked to a crypto wallet. Depending on the card in question, this wallet may be connected to your crypto exchange assets, one or more of your personal crypto wallets, or could be pre-loaded directly with funds from a traditional debit card. These debit cards work by selling some of those crypto assets for you and converting them into a legal currency at the point of transaction or ATM withdrawal.

In short, the card either sells some of your cryptos and converts them into cash when you use it, or it requires you to keep it pre-loaded with a specific cryptocurrency. To reach these final five, a variety of crypto debit cards were considered side by side. Cards were compared based on fees annual, signup, and conversion , the success of the business, available rewards including options for how to receive said rewards , the number of cryptocurrencies supported, the availability of the card, the number of places where the card can be used, and any extra features.

In cases where cards had high levels of competitiveness for the same features, nuanced specifics were identified to differentiate them -- for instance, the differences in use cases between the Binance and the Crypto.

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WebSpend crypto directly from your wallet with no conversion. Unlock your crypto�s full potential � start spending it instantly at any store that accepts MasterCard. Coming in Q3 . Web6 rows�� Apr 29, �� The Coinbase Visa card won our top spot as the best crypto debit card, although the. Web31 rows�� Cryptocurrency Debit Card List with 30+ Debit Cards () | Cryptowisser Cryptocurrency Debit Card List Check out the world�s largest Cryptocurrency Debit Card .