is hex crypto legit
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Is hex crypto legit is it worth learning blockchain development

Is hex crypto legit

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Is hex crypto legit Best Crypto Day Trading Strategies. She is also intrigued by blockchain technology and its functioning. Etherscan Source Code. Double dipping. Some suspect that many of these accounts are bots, which the website addresses and denies. Reading deeper, some of the answers to these questions are completely laughable.

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Beyond just being run by a known criminal , it is easy to see that Hex is a scam as there is no verified way of making money through it. Not to mention that this entire thing spells Ponzi scheme. In what world do you just send money to people in order to make money? It is almost certain that any money Hex stakers receive is money sent to the protocol by new investors and redistributed by Heart himself.

When interviewed about Hex, Richard Heart refused to state who owned the Ethereum master wallet for the project. No cryptocurrency project offers this. Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. After all, there is no way to read the mind of Richard Heart.

Therefore, if you wish to purchase Hex, you may. Just know that purchasing Hex is a huge gamble, and you are probably going to lose everything when this comes crashing down. Many others in the cryptocurrency world, namely Eric Wall , have already surmised that Hex is a scam and have been betting against the coin by shorting it. Wall also placed an outright bet, that Hex will never recover from its current downturn and will in fact go defunct.

Either way, it will likely continue to fall until this coin is officially defunct. Or until the SEC catches up with Heart. When you are new to the cryptocurrency world, it can be disheartening to look at the price of Bitcoin or Ethereum and know you can only afford a fraction of one. This is for a reason. Bitcoin and Ethereum cost so much because they are proven products and not scams. Others, which may have the best intentions, are often promoting products that are similar to Bitcoin and Ethereum which already exist and in the end, they will not gain traction.

Thus you should just stick with an investment in Ethereum or Bitcoin. You still could lose everything. This is why it is best to only invest money you are prepared to lose. Besides just the obvious red flags, the entire system is run by a criminal, and that is enough to turn us away from this project. Instead, stick to Bitcoin or Ethereum�as there are very few projects in the cryptocurrency world that are not scams and these are two of the only ones that should be trusted.

Regardless, investing in cryptocurrency always carries risk, so keep this in mind as you invest. Does someone want to pay you in Bitcoin? It's almost as easy to receive as cash. Everything dips in price. Price dips are often opportunities for the impatient to give their money to the patient.

People who buy tops and sell bottoms hand their money to those who buy bottoms and sell tops. In case you don't want to risk all of your money, consider putting only a part of it into HEX to gain some exposure. Also, Staking for as long as possible reduces your exposure to price dips. With a longer time-horizon you're on the safe side with volatility.

Fear is good, it's there to protect you. That feeling is what makes the largest opportunities so valuable. This is what being early feels like. You discovering something before everyone else is where the gains come from. Ethereum fees are really expensive. This prices out users on the lower end and makes it really hard to onboard new users.

In the meantime use a Staking Calculator to estimate the potential profit of a Stake. Also try to use Ethereum on weekends where the transaction fees are usually cheaper. But you're already losing money. Every day the government money printing drives prices higher and higher. Cryptocurrency is the highest appreciating asset class in history and HEX is overperforming.

Bitcoin, for instance, has never been down in price for longer than about 3 years. Consider trying something very small to learn about it. Where does the value come from? Is PayPal valuable? Swiss bank accounts? Generating yield? Lower fees, no credit card fee rent seeking on entire economy. Like Bitcoin, HEX is a store of value which is a far more valuable use case than a payment network.

HEX monetizes time by paying you rewards for locking up your monetary energy for a fixed period of time. It does what Bitcoin cannot. HEX has 3 independent audits and passed all of them with flying colors. It never had any kind of bug or malfunction ever. If the smart contract still were to ever somehow break, an airdrop to a new, fixed contract from holders of the old contract, before the error occurred, can be done.

If the Ethereum network totally stopped working, HEX holders could be airdropped their tokens on a new contract on a working system that supports solidity contracts of which there are several. ERC20 contracts are safe enough to have launched several billion dollar projects with no problems. HEX is a single, immutable smart contract. The code is set in stone and can never be changed, censored or stopped. A Ponzi scheme promises high returns that it sustains for a while by stealing from the principal of new depositors to pay the returns to older depositors.

It fails when it can't meet its obligations. Also these schemes usually pretend to have some kind of fake magic mechanism like a "trading bot" to explain their high APY. In HEX, the yield which is paid to Stakers comes only from inflation and not other users. This is programmed into the immutable smart contract without any middlemen. You mint your own rewards by interacting with the contract. No one owes anybody anything. You only owe yourself to mint your own rewards in the future.

In HEX there are no promises. A pyramid scheme has multiple levels, tends to put many middlemen between product and user and often has weak retail sales and strong sales of its "reseller package". It relies on people refering each other to get new users. A Multi Level Marketing MLM system works in the same way: multiple levels of members refer new users to pay out the old ones. HEX has no referral program. HEX has no middlemen. In HEX, you mint your own rewards, just like Bitcoin miners do.

There will always be a top 20 as long as there are 20 coins of value. Whichever you thought don't belong there, those are your investment blind spots. They went from nowhere to the top, making lots of people rich along the way. This is the difference between your desires and the market's.

It's hard to believe that the market wants things you don't. Really hard. There are a few coins on this list that some people really do not like; however, they have to learn humility and respect the market. The market will not change no matter how hard they yell. Many tried to change the market by yelling, they all failed. For they showed the highest ROI in the shortest time. If you don't know how they did that, you don't know how the next one will. Know thyself. An efficient market values a better thing over a worse thing as time passes.

See how they compare. HEX has demand. The definition of a speculative bubble is that people simply decide that something is worth much more and later much less. So what about greater fool theory? For that to be true there would need to be much larger stock buy backs and dividends. It's nearly all from the next guy buying the same stock you did.

For the same reasons you did. To one day sell it. Any price that is set by the open market might correct. It might correct or continue to go up in price. This also applies to individual stocks, the housing market and cryptocurrencies like HEX. People speculating, plus the value of their product market fit.

HEX has a clear use case: replacing the CDs from the traditional banking system with a far superior product. The majority of money in the world for decades now is purely digital. It's a miracle that you can store your life savings in just a 12 word seed phrase. It's a feature, not a bug. Every single asset's value is only what others are willing to pay for it.

Things of value are simply backed by shared belief in that thing's value. HEX has legal opinion letters from multiple lawyers in multiple countries. Very good, verbose, accurate, useful opinion letters. HEX is nearly the only complete!

HEX is not a security. The United States and many other governments have passed laws explaining that the Blockchain is legal. They didn't like people across the entire world stealing every movie and song ever created. They tried to ban BitTorrent. They failed. So too shall Blockchains succeed. Some cryptocurrencies have already been declared a security by the United States. They end up in lawsuits that drag on for months to years.

HEX is not a security according to the Howey Test: You get a security in exchange for giving somebody money and expecting profit of the work of others.

In HEX, you do all the work. You mint your own rewards. No one works for anybody else. There are no promises. HEX is a finished product. How many funds are run by one guy?

How's that worked out? If they decided to dump their stocks the price would crash. They don't because they don't want to kill their golden goose. It worked out quite good for Bitcoin's price 6,,x in 12 years. Some inferior crypto founders have publicly dumped their entire holdings on the heads of their users and the coins still exist.

Some are doing well. Ownership centralization is good for price appreciation. Check out the HEX origin address audit. Because HEX is already complete. No building with people working means no overhead and selling down the price to pay for it. Everyone that goes full time crypto becomes a net seller instead of a net buyer. It can never be changed. Everything built around HEX in the future is just a bonus. HEX abandoned the need for a roadmap when it launched fully complete.

Why would HEX being a cult be bad for the price? Many rivalries are merely the result of very passionate users. Ford vs Chevy, Apple vs Android, the list goes on and on. People just love HEX so much that they are even getting tattoos. All investing and speculating boils down to you put some money in, wait and expect more out later. DeFi is mostly people trading and losing their money to exchanges and market makers. Trading is bad for your health and the majority of people lose vs holding USD.

They lose even harder against just holding cryptocurrencies with product market fit. Trading is bad and most DeFi and ranking sites and ads are for trading. Imagine if we all just bought one amazing thing instead, imagine how high that price would go.

The HEX community is so strong that the amount of organic engagement that HEX posts get on Twitter and elsewhere is far greater than some expect. HEX users love it. There are over 35, active users just in the official Telegram chat. Feel free to Turing test them. HEX was founded by Richard Heart , who stated that he "is in this for glory".

HEX is a completed, triple-audited, immutable, open source smart contract that cannot be controlled, altered or stopped. Ultimately you have to decide for yourself: RichardHeart. Because they lend out your money? Your money goes on the liability, not asset, side of the balance sheet.

Banks use your money as an excuse to borrow cheap from the FED. They lend out the governments money which inflates the currency not the money you deposit. The government gives them that money for nearly free with your deposit as an excuse.

Few understand this. On top of that banks suffer from low interest rates, inefficiency, middlemen and bureaucracy. There are so many efficiencies that crypto introduces that are obvious benefits to humanity: increases in efficiency, removal of counterparty risk, removal of middlemen.